CamerOn Movies and TV Shows

I have always been drawn to the medium of stories. What makes a good story and within that what makes a great story within the medium of film? It was from here that after feedback from friends and inspiration from a few other sources that I decided to take this undertaking.

Those inspirations are Doug Walker and his Team at, Bob “MovieBob” Chipman of the Big Picture and Escape to the Movies at the Escapist magazine:, Chuck of and the Red Letter Media team of What all these folks have in common is that sometimes they go into the history behind the subject matter, and also the tropes at play within the movies and shows and the deeper philosophical and cultural messages. This is what I plan to do in my own way as well.

From this and feedback from friends I decided on a play on my name Cameron that a friend suggested for the blog. This name is CamerOn Movies and TV Shows.

As for personal taste in movies, any genre can have a good film in it. It simply depends on how the script and story are executed. Though my own personal interests are along the lines of science fiction, fantasy, thrillers, action and history. I will review all movies and television shows that are along these lines primarily but also those that fall outside the lines of these.

I will review recent movies from the theatre and also past movies and television shows. There may be themes later but since the blog is just beginning there will not be a pattern yet, except new releases that I have already seen or plan on watching.

Thank you for all your support, this is CamerOn movies and TV shows.


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