Batman: The Animated Series – Season 1, Episode 3 – Nothing to Fear – Bruce Wayne’s Greatest Fear and the arrival of Scarecrow

Nothing to fear

“Nothing to Fear,” is the third episode in “Batman: The Animated Series,” and the one who introduces Scarecrow  and Batman’s deepest fear. It is a creepy and disturbing episode in the best way possible (though Scarecrow deserved a better design, it isn’t until “The New Batman Adventures,” that he has a look worthy of the name and his shtick of causing others fear.

Here is the assessment:

Pros: The Scarecrow – Hearing the Scarecrow express his reasons for revenge for being let go from the University show how maniacal and also interesting he is. He has been twisted from the beginning and doesn’t recognize it, which is perfect. Which psycho’s recognize their own issues? Only downside is his outfit could have been more frightening, it is better than the next outfit he has where he has teeth sticking out of the scarecrow head but not nearly as good as the Grim Reaper Scarecrow. Regardless, he reeks havoc and is established as a worthy adversary.

Batman – There is no Robin this episode! It is a great exploration of Batman’s fears, the biggest of which that he has failed his parents…failed protecting them, failed to live up to their legacy…Batman’s humanity is revealed in his fears as well as his touching moment with Alfred, which is the other pro.

Alfred – Speaks for Batman’s parents…”I don’t think your parents are ashamed of you…because I am not.” That line right there nails the episode. Alfred is a great character in any television or movie counterpart it seems…at least from what I’ve watched and Batman: TAS is no different.

Okay – The Scarecrow’s look…not scary enough but at least looks kind of like a horror scarecrow.

Cons: Scarecrow’s thugs – Stupid muscle, which just isn’t interesting.

This episode achieved what it needed too with exploring Batman’s relationship to his dead parents and fears related to them, Scarecrow’s motivations and Batman confronting and defeating his fears and also establishing Scarecrow as a threat. Before I give my score, Batman’s famous quote is in this episode as he defeats his fear:

“I am vengeance…I am the night…I am Batman!” Batman as a persona is a motivation to face his fears and in this episode he does.

10 / 10  Perfect “Batman: The Animated Series Episode.”

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