Batman: The Animated Series – Season 1, Episode 7 – P.O.V. – The Scene of the Crime


“P.O.V.” is the episode that provides many different perspectives the scene of a crime. Think “Rashomon” by Kurosawa…in which different people provide their thoughts on what occurred as a higher authority seeks to get the truth out of it. The episode is a perfect character exploration episode that shows us more of Gotham beyond the usual Batman and his rogues gallery character episodes.

Here is the assessment:

The Pros: Story style – Is wonderful! It is like a Noir crime mystery, but time only related to the cops and Batman. It reveals the pros and cons of each of the characters as they share their perspective…and shows that Gotham PD isn’t entirely incompetent.

The characters – Are wonderful! Even Bullock is handled well, where he reckless and corrupt..but like a Orson Welles character has his heart in the right place. The rookie cop is green but not stupid and Renee Montoya is the primary protagonist this episode which is awesome! It is something that isn’t common in most animated movies (She is female and a woman of color.) It is great seeing the character dynamic between them, as well as Batman.

Batman – Mysterious and doing his things. Not a bad Batman episode, though I’m sure there might be one out there.

Okay – The music again, was okay…but not amazing.

Cons: The gang – Their leader is nameless and they get no exploration, which is a shame. They are there for the cops and Batman to defeat…would’ve like a little exploration of their motivations at least.

Great episode! I would give it 9 / 10.

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