Batman: The Animated Series – Season 1, Episode 8 – The Forgotten – Bruce Wayne and the Homeless

The Forgotten

Like “The Underdwellers,” “The Forgotten explores the plight of Gotham’s vulnerable…in this case the unemployed and homeless who are taken advantage of by a man named Boss Biggis. When Bruce Wayne investigates he is hit with a club that causes him to lose his memory, giving the other meaning behind the episodes name.

Here is the assessment:

The pros: The music – Is great it takes a blues and western theme throughout that compliments the sorrow and hopelessness throughout the episode.

The characters – Bruce Wayne and the rest of the chain gang are actually explored. Boss Biggis gets no exploration and is just an ideal or trope…he is the greedy boss who looks and acts like an abusive pig. Alfred is resourceful too, using the Batwing to save Bruce Wayne.

The story – Is actually pretty solid. We get to see Bruce Wayne the investigator again which leads to him getting captured and later his discovering himself when realizes his parents are dead and he is Batman.

The message – Is brilliant, it shows the plight of the vulnerable and in a way the crimes of the prison system as well as the fact that when people are trapped in a bad situation they usually stay that way unless there is enough support to get out. Biggis’s camp symbolized all of this and it is powerful in how they did. It is a very human story, there aren’t any insane villains…it is just Batman and the vulnerable and bullies of Gotham.

Cons – No exploration for Biggis, would have liked to know a little about him at least. What made him that way? Or maybe greed needs no explanation…still, characters do.

It was a great episode that I highly recommend, I’ve seen it overlooked on most lists, which is a shame. I would give it a 9 / 10.



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