Batman: The Animated Series – Season 1, Episode 12 – It’s Never too Late – The Consequences of a Crime War


“It’s Never Too Late,” is about a war between two crime bosses, Rupert Thorne, who we saw from the last episode (who is one of the most competent and dangerous crime bosses in Gotham) and Arnold Stromwell, the conflicted crime boss whose son is kidnapped and who has a brother who is a priest who is trying to save his soul. This is another episode that isn’t about Batman, but while others were focused on the cop perspective…this one follows the two crime bosses as the primary perspective.

Here is the assessment of the episode:

Pros: The Crime Bosses – The crime bosses get some awesome exploration. Thorne is manipulative but has his own sense of twisted honor, Arnold is dealing with trauma in relation to his priest brother and at his core is good. It is an interesting dynamic the two have.

Batman – We once again see Batman as active and trying to see the best in people. He saves Arnold’s life from Thorne and confronts his brother about facing him so that they can move forward and Arnold can find direction.

The message – The dangers of addiction…Cromwell’s son becomes an addict and is stuck in rehab. He is forced to confront the consequences of what he does to people…which Walter White never truly did in “Breaking Bad,” this episode is like of Walt jr. became a meth addict. It also deals with how people are afraid to face themselves. Arnold resists facing himself every step of the episode…even when he’s says he plans to end the war in return for his son who he believes Thorne stole (turns out his son was in rehab).

Cons: The message presentation – It got a bit preachy at times. Should have been more show and less tell. For this reason I won’t be giving it a 9. Presentation of message is important.

The ending – Was very abrupt, he just decided to tell Gordon the truth of what he’d been doing. It wasn’t gradual, it just happened.

It was a good episode, my ratings for it are 8 / 10.


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