Batman: The Animated Series – Season 1, Episode 13 – I’ve Got Batman in My Basement – The Arrival of Penguin

I've Got Batman In My Basement-2

“I’ve Got Batman in My Basement,” introduces us to Penguin (who has a vulture that injures Batman at one point after Batman tries to prevent his minions doing a jewel robbery) and Batman is only saved at the last minute by two kids who take care of Batman. The Penguin has a great introduction that really establishes him as a worthy member of Batman’s Rogues gallery.

Here is the assessment of the episode:

Pros: The Penguin – Is awesome! From his great minion that attacks Batman, to knocking Batman out and figuring out how to get to Batman again after Batman has been saved by the kids. His quoting literature and squawking make him quite memorable. He’s got a lot of character and is very high society in the worst way possible looking down on all who aren’t wealthy like him.

Batman – Usual Batman stuff, another episode that shows he is surprisingly good with kids (Like “Be a Clown”).

The premise – Is interesting…what would happen if kids had to hide Batman from the rogues, how would that change their dynamic with their family and friends? This episode ideal was the go there…though it never reaches the full potential of it.

Okay: The Main kids – The girl and boy who are followed in the episode are alright…they aren’t all that explored though like Tim Drake…they are comparable to the “Leprechaun” in “The Underdwellers,” not as nearly well explored as the Mayor’s son…or as interesting.

Cons: The bullies – They could have been more, especially when they see Batman. They are idiots who just need leaders…thugs like most of the minions of Batman’s rogue’s gallery.

Execution of the premise – The kids just aren’t interesting enough and the kids just don’t seem all that believable. They go all “Home Alone,” but “Home Alone” did it a lot better in facing the baddies.

In the end the episode is above average. I’m giving it a 7 / 10 only because of how Penguin elevates a poorly executed premise that would have been a slightly above average episode without him.


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