Batman: The Animated Series – Season 1, Episode 17 – See No Evil – A Failed Attempt to Explore Abuse


“See No Evil,” is a strange episode to review. The basic premise is an abusive man (Ventrix) steals plastic that can turn invisible but poisons the wearer. He uses it to see his daughter and steal things to try and win her love. The reason why it is strange is it as has so many ideas but none of them get fully developed. More in the assessment:

Pros: The animation – There is a great scene where Batman is on top of Ventris’s invisible car and everyone thinks he is flying. There is a great joke in this section too: “I didn’t know he could fly.”

Batman – Usually always a pro in his show. It will be a shame when and if I reach an episode where he isn’t.

Okay – Ventrix – Just wasn’t all that explored, neither was his wife. We know he goes to prison for robbery, but that is it. He’s just a faceless thug in the end with a little more exploration and a cool ability…making how he was handled okay, but in no way great. Much less than Red Claw for sure.

Scenes with daughter – Batman, Ventrix and Ventrix’s wife all have some decent scenes with the daughter…again not any real exploration though of any of their motivations and drive…or the why.

This episode is strange and I don’t know what I think of it. It was okay, but not great…and could have been so much more. They could have used it teach about the dangers of abusive relationships through Ventrix and the baddie he was, but we never get that fully. Definitely wasted potential.

An average episode 5 / 10.




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