Batman: The Animated Series – Season 1, Episode 18 – Beware the Grey Ghost – Where Bruce Wayne Found his Inspiration

Batman and the Grey ghost

“Beware the Grey Ghost,” is a good story and a fantastic look at “Batman: the Animated Series,” The Grey Ghost is a hero on a tv show who in this is played by the actor Adam West (the one who first made Batman popular). In this universe the Grey Ghost is an inspiration to Bruce Wayne so when bombings start happening tied to The Mad Bomber a villain from the Grey Ghost tv series. From here the mystery unfolds.

Here is the assessment:

Pros: Grey Ghost – The actor who plays the Grey Ghost is fantastic. His desperation to find work as he gives away all his life and is pulled into the drama that is Gotham City. His panic at seeing Batman is great and his being pulled into the world as the hero rises up in him.

Batman/Bruce Wayne – It is great seeing where he get his vigilante inspiration from in this Universe, and the fact that it is Adam West. What an amazing touch…and him seeking out The Grey Ghost (Adam West who was past Batman) for help to stop the criminal who is living the life of a villain in the show.

The tribute – From the old t.v. show done in the style of old radio dramas, to the flashbacks of seeing how much Bruce does look like his dad, to Adam West. This is a tribute episode that also manages to tell a great story.

Okay: The Mad Bomber – So many baddies who never become usual rogues who just end up being wasted, it is a shame. The idea was intriguing and could have been a way to bring back The Grey Ghost (Adam West again), but this guy is a one shot and not memorable at all. We don’t even see him for most of the episode until the end. Okay, for the stuff he pulled that was dangerous, but no real exploration so nothing special. The twist of who he was was kind of cool though. Nice seeing a bad kid in an episode for once.

This is a great episode. Again, seeing Batman (Kevin Conroy as new Batman), Adam West as Grey Ghost (Old Batman). Seeing them in super hero mode together was fantastic and made the episode fun. It was great seeing Bruce Wayne not moody too and living with one of his heroes and inspirations. It’s nice when the character gets those kinds of breaks.

I give this episode a 9 / 10.



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