Batman: The Animated Series – Season 1, Episode 19 – Prophecy of Doom – Taking Down a Charlatan

Prophecy of Doom

“Prophecy of Doom,” is about a man trying to con people about of their money by creating end time events that he predicts. When I first saw this episode I thought Nostromus was going to end up being Ra’s al Ghul, sadly he isn’t and you see this in how limited his goals are. The premise is he saves some people while predicting calamities and Bruce Wayne goes to investigate.

Here is the assessment:

Pros: The Message – Is perfect, it is meant to take down charlatans and people who use the unknown, largely related to the supernatural to con people out of money. Nostromos even has the whole look of a prophet thing going on like a corrupt Guru. This is executed well in how they present it…and manage to show and not tell.

Batman/Bruce Wayne – His sarcasm related to Nostromos and his magic and predictions is wonderful. I couldn’t help smiling and it is great seeing him investigate Nostromos and his minions criminal origins and how he’s figuring out their current con.

Nostromos – He is no Ra’s al Ghul since Ra’s actually believes in his cause and is far more dangerous…but he is such a despicable con that he is enjoyable to watch and rewarding when Batman takes him down.

Okay – The music is standard fair, not great.

“Prophecy of Doom,” when I first saw it years ago was where I hoped to see Ra’s al Ghul, he wasn’t in it but it was still a great message…if only for showing why doubt and skepticism are so important and presented in a great story.

I recommend this episode. I give it a 8.5 / 10.



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