Batman: The Animated Series – Season 1, Episodes 15 and 16 – The Cat and the Claw – The Arrival of Catwoman

“The Cat and the Claw,” is the episode that introduces us to Catwoman for the first time and her sometimes romance with Batman. The episode begins with a robbery by Catwoman for some jewelry and Batman trying to catch her. He later meets Selina Kyle (the woman who is Catwoman) and the terrorist organization Red Claw who is working with a CEO to develop land that Kyle wants to turn into a Mountain Lion reserve. The story unfolds from there.

The Pros:The Music – Catwoman’s theme is fantastic.

The Romance – Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne have a lot of chemistry. Batman and Catwoman do not, but when they are pretending to be people it is actually quite good.

Catwoman – Is awesome. She is a femme fatale but more, she actually lives action and it seems less out of place than Poison Ivy…I think it was because Ivy’s human persona just existed as sex appeal to the audience, Selina Kyle is more than that. She is like Bruce but on the other side of the legal spectrum (though what they’re both doing is illegal – vigilante justice and stealing).

Batman – Is great in this episode. He shows he is fair and actually cares about others…his feelings for Selina Kyle actually seem genuine too. It’s nice seeing Bruce Wayne continue to use his money for good…that was one thing the animated series always got right, that some of the movies missed.

Okay: Red Claw – She’s kind of a generic James Bond villain. From her Russian accent to her look with the red paw print on the side of her shoulder. She could have been a lot more interesting…she gets two episodes but we never know her motivations.

The writing – Isn’t the strongest. Red Claw has some especially cliche baddie lines along the James Bond villain thing.

Cons: The ending – Batman arrests Catwoman…so much for too masked folks living the night…at least until she escapes.

The episode is alright, a good but not great episode. Red Claw isn’t handled well though…the episode’s heart is in the right place. It is actually attempting to try and show equality in regards to Batman and Catwoman and Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle. The baddie also helps. It just isn’t as well written as it could be. Selina Kyle also has an assistant, but we never get to know her or her motivations…which is a shame since it shows that Catwoman also has a Robin…unlike Robin though, she doesn’t get explored.

I would rate it an 8 / 10.


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