Batman: The Animated Series – Season 1, Episode 24 – Fear of Victory – Robin faces his Fear


“Fear of Victory,” is a Robin episode. The premise is sports stars are doing cowardly crazy things and you find out that Scarecrow is providing them with a toxin that either removes fear or increases to get the outcome he wants on the game. He hits Robin with some of the fear toxin and the episode unfolds from there.

The Pros: Arkham Asylum – Last we saw Scarecrow he was in Arkham so Batman goes to investigate. We see everyone he has put away thus far in the series and it is a beautiful scene with the Joker playing cards and drawing the Joker, Poison Ivy with her plant and Two-Face with his coin before the actual scarecrow is found in the place of Scarecrow. It is an awesome scene.

Okay: the premise is kind of weak and not nearly as strong as the last Scarecrow plot, now he’s just getting money and that is it. He doesn’t feel threatening until he threatens to gas an entire stadium.

Robin: Isn’t all that strong of character again. We don’t see any fears except heights? But that contradicts what he does. It isn’t like Bruce facing his dead parents and just feels weak, we learn nothing about him except that he’s in college and has a friend on the football team.

Scarecrow – Again with the premise. He just isn’t scary and his worst costume is this variation. His derpy teeth do nothing to insight fear.

Batman – Doesn’t do much this episode, Robin takes all the action. He is there just to save and protect Robin.

This episode was an average Batman: The Animated Series episode. 5 / 10. The ideas and characters are never fully realized. I think it was trying to say something about performance enhancing drugs…but the fact that he used fear drugs as well defeated that point. For our first time seeing Robin in a long time…it’s a shame he didn’t get a better story.

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