Batman: The Animated Series – Season 1, Episode 25 – The Clock King – When Time Drives you Mad


“The Clock King,” is our introduction to the character by the same name. He is most reminiscent of the Riddler but his schtick is times and clocks rather than Riddles. This episode is his origin story and also explores the Mayor more. The episode begins with Temple introduced as an efficiency expert who has an important case to keep…the mayor says he should take a break…everything goes wrong on the break and he goes mad as his case fails, after it flashes forward seven years and the consequences of the actions from that day.

Here is the assessment:

The Pros: The Clock King – I like the Riddler and The Clock King is no Riddler but he has class and smarts that make him a worthy adversary. He even escapes Batman and the collapsing Clocktower he is so good. He also started out as an anal retentive normal guy. He just snaps cause his day goes so wrong (a theme of Batman’s rogues).

The Mayor – We once again see how he is possibly corrupt. We learn that he might have set up the break in order for Temple to fail. Of course this could all be The Clock King’s delusion but the mayor may be kind but he is also manipulative and all about power as established in past episodes. We see more of that in this one.

Batman – We see his brains as he manages to save the mayor and get himself out of an elaborate trap where the room is poisoned and oxygen is out of the room leaving Batman minutes to live. We see the brains of Batman this episode…as well as him discovering who The Clock King is.

Okay: The story – It wasn’t the strongest, but wasn’t bad either. Average I’d say. Batman investigates, minor villain origin story explored, etc.

The music – Not super memorable this episode and forgettable.

This episode does a great job of providing Batman with a new adversary who actually manages not to get caught (like Clayface). He is fun to watch too and actually challenges Batman intellectually…which doesn’t happen often enough with his rogues.

Good episode. I give it an 8 / 10.



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