Batman: The Animated Series – Season 1, Episode 26 – Appointment in Crime Alley – Those Who are Sacrificed for Greed


“Appointment in Crime Alley,” is a great episode that shows the lives of the poor of Gotham and the cruelty of Roland Daggett. The premise is Daggett is going to destroy Crime Alley to set up a mall and develop the area by destroying it since he lost the right to zone it due to the City Council Vote. To do this he hires an arsonist and the story unfolds from there.

Here is the assessment:

The Pros: The people of Gotham – This is a great episode for seeing the poor of Gotham being active in their own lives. Whether it is protesting Daggett or reporting to Batman where his goons are. They take charge of their own lives even as everything is looking hopeless.

Roland Daggett – Is an amazing baddie. He once again shows himself to be untouchable and turns on the arsonist he hires when the plot fails so he doesn’t get captured by the police, leaving Batman feeling angry and hopeless and once again given hope by the Doctor who lived in the area who comforted him after his parents death.

Batman – This is a great Batman episode. You see how much he cares for the people and wants to help. You also see him powerless against Daggett which you rarely see in these episodes. Batman doesn’t always win. Was an important message for Batman in this episode.

The Message – Is powerful. We need to provide for and take care of the forgotten and the poor. Money is not more important than people. Daggett mentioned the corporate uncaring greed to Batman as the one who stood for the people (and the people stood for the people) against this. It is a very well done message and does it without telling us, it does it by showing us.

Okay: Music isn’t super memorable again.

An amazing episode that I highly recommend. It is still relevant today too as the poor and homeless are looked over in order for those who already have much to have more. There are some great emotional moments and this episode answers the “So What?” on why it was made brilliantly.

My score for this episode is 9.5 / 10.


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