Batman: The Animated Series – Season 1, Episode 28 – Dreams in Darkness – Batman in Arkham Asylum

Dreams in Darkness

“Dreams in Darkness,” is another amazing Scarecrow Episode. The premise of this one is Batman is on a mission and he gets hit with some of Scarecrow’s toxin, he is then sent to Arkham Asylum to receive treatment and the story unfolds from there.

Here is the assessment of the episode:

Pros: Scarecrow – The fact that his toxin works so well on Batman that the police capture him and put him in Arkham says loads about how smart he is this episode. The trap he set at the spa for Batman went just as expected…and Arkham doesn’t realize he is missing until much further into the episode.

Batman – This episode is a great exploration of his mind and how he does in fact fear his rogues…especially the Joker who kept popping up when the hallucinations began. You see that he may be on the side of good, but he is also is nuts and that there is reason they chose to put him in Arkham for this episode. What would it take for a man to dress up like a bat and beat up criminals? Also there is one point where a bat is seen like an angel to Batman as light shines through it’s wings when he is back safe in the batcave.

Arkham Asylum – You get to see how inept they are but that the intentions are good. The doctor genuinely wants to help people even if at times he is misguided.

The music – Captures the trapped feeling of Arkham really well, and the acid nightmares of Batman’s poisoned psyche.

This is an episode that I highly recommend. Probably the best Scarecrow episode and a great Batman episode too. Where before Scarecrow was used to explore Batman’s guilt, this one explores his powerlessness in regards to the rogues he always must face and what they represent to him.

I give this episode a 10 / 10.

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