Batman: The Animated Series – Season 1, Episode 29 – Eternal Youth – The Dangers of Vanity


“Eternal Youth,” is the return of Poison Ivy the scene. The premise is she is posing as a scientist hosting a spa to keep people young but targeting Industrialists to go to it. Once there she gives them a substance that they become addicted too that allows her to turn them into trees.

Here is the assessment:

The Pros: Poison Ivy – Is amazing! She manages to capture a whole bunch of industrialists and even manages to capture Alfred and his partner? Maggie. She is a good threat to Batman throughout the episode and it gives a good glimpse into her psyche…she see’s herself as a Batman who kills.

Alfred and Maggie – Are adorable and a fun couple to watch.

Alfred – Is great in this and we get to see more than just his dry humor and wit. It is nice to see him care about someone outside of Batman in regards to love. He has some great puns thrown in too.

The premise – Poison Ivy’s plan has one that has nothing to do with her sex appeal and it is awesome! By appearing to others vanity she uses it to destroy them. It is a great premise and executed well in this episode.

Okay: The music – Once more it isn’t great like last episode.

Maggie – She seems to be there for mostly comedic purposes and to develop Alfred, she herself doesn’t have much characterization.

This was a good episode that I definitely recommend. Poison Ivy is once more seen as a worthy rogue.

My score for it is 8.7 / 10.


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