Batman: The Animated Series – Season 1, Episode 31 – The Cape and the Cowl Conspiracy – Batman the Spy


“The Cape and the Cowl Conspiracy,” introduces some major things (the Bat Signal and Batman on the International scene) but isn’t a strong episode. The premise starts out as promising…an international criminal named Wormwood must be caught before he can get the bonds he stole from a government contact out of the country.

Here is the assessment of the episode:

Pros: The art – The art is really amazing in this episode…More so than usual. From Batman’s flowing cape to the details of faces and cloaks. It is really well done.

The music – Captures the conspiracy feel really well and elevates a pretty average episode.

Batman – Seeing Batman as the spy and detective in action (even giving himself up to Wormwood at one point so Wormwood will reveal his plans to who Batman is pretending to be). Is perfect. Even though the writing isn’t so much.

Okay: Commissioner Gordon – He’s just there to put Batman on the mission and introduce his use of the Bat Signal. He’s more of a plot device than anything else. Still great to see him but he isn’t elevated as a character.

Cons: Wormwood – Another Riddler knockoff before Riddler was on the show. Especially in how he gets shown up at the end, he was a waste of a villain who was never really a threat. The set up for him to be the baddie with riddles just doesn’t work.

The execution of the plot – It was enjoyable but not good or great. Slightly above average in execution.

This was slightly above average episode that introduces the Bat Signal, Batman as an International Crime Fighter and that was about it…these both could have been used a lot better. Instead they are just details for later plot use.

My score for this episode is 6 / 10.

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