Batman: The Animated Series – Season 1, Episode 34 – The Laughing Fish – Joker the Survivor

The Laughing Fish

“The Laughing Fish,” is a Joker centric episode that focuses around his scheme to get fish that he has poisoned with the Joker Venom sold in stores. He begins by targeting copyright folks which in turns lures out Batman and the Police who were the point of his scheme in the first place. Harley Quinn also appears in this episode again as his assistant.

Here is the assessment:

The Pros: The Joker – This episode is good at showing just how psychotic and uncaring he is about anyone but himself. Where before his minions were robots but meant nothing, here they are people who mean nothing…even Harley Quinn who loves him. In this episode we see how creative (In a James Bond villain with a Shark Tank kind of way – Yes he has a Shark Tank in this episode) can be. He would have killed all his targets too if not for Batman having the Joker venom antidote. We also see his a survivor given everything he goes through before being attacked by his shark and presumed dead (He’s obviously not).

Harley Quinn – Is fantastic as Joker’s second in command. She promotes his plan throughout the episode and leads in her own way in regards to the schemes. We also see her demented unhealthy relationship with the Joker revealed in full when Bullock points out he’s a psychotic abusive and she says that is why she misses him.

Bullock – Is fantastic in this episode. He actually manages to find Joker first when he realizes the second fish that is used in the poisoning isn’t native to the region leading him to the Aquarium.

Batman – He fights a shark and wins as well as proves to Bullock he can be counted on. This is a great episode to see Batman as protector and detective.

The Animation – Once again is amazing, more so than the usual amazing. I like the large flowing drawings.

Okay: The story – The Laughing Fish is a very Joker story but not the best one. His intentions aren’t really clear (Which I guess is part of the point), but because of it the episode doesn’t seem to know what tone it wants.

The Music – Not all that memorable. Like the episode it didn’t know what tone it wanted.

This was a solid episode that I would diffidently recommend. Seeing the Joker and Harley in action is usually always a good thing since the schemes are always interesting and Joker is the anti-thesis to the Batman.

My score for this episode is 8.5 / 10.

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