Batman: The Animated Series – Season 1, Episodes 32, 33 – Robin’s Reckoning – How Dick Grayson became Robin

Robin's Reckoning

“Robin’s Reckoning,” is about how Dick Grayson (the Robin in the first season and some others) becomes Robin. The story begins with a criminal who killed Robin’s parents in an “accident” resurfacing and Robin discovering that for himself and choosing what to do with that knowledge. It is a fantastic episode.

Here is the assessment:

The Pros: Robin – Finally we get a good Robin episode. In this one we see Dick Grayson with his family the Grayson’s at the circus and how Tony Zucco killed them in an “accident” because the circus refused to join the protection racket. We see Robin’s independence when he tracks Zucco down at a young age and the guilt he lives with like Batman since he saw Zucco enter before the performance. we also see his conflict with Batman when Batman hides Zucco being in town from him, which no doubt contributes to him eventually taking up the identity as Nightwing later in the series. He is a fully fleshed out and well rounded character and when he is given the choice on what to do with Zucco, we see why he is Batman’s apprentice.

Batman – We get see Batman’s detective skills at work as well as his fear of losing people, since that is why he hid Zucco being in town from Robin. We also see how much Batman relates to Robin since he takes him and reveals himself (the 2nd person who has ever been in the Batcave).

Batman X Robin – The series may not have meant to do it, but these two would make a great couple. When they get older you see some tender moments between them that are almost romantic. I hope at some point we get to see Batman and Robin as a couple in the DC Universe since there is enough evidence there for Batman to be at least bisexual (much like his rogues Harley and Poison Ivy)…and same goes for Robin. It would be great to see this…sadly I don’t think the DC comics industry is ready, which is a shame.

Tony Zucco – Is an intelligent baddie who never stops being bad. He even injures Batman to the point that Robin needs to rescue him.

The story – Is a great origin story. Dick Grayson is finally an interesting character, and the episode is a great exploration of both Batman and Robin.

I highly recommend this episode – 10 / 10.

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