Batman: The Animated Series – Season 1, Episode 41 – Joker’s Wild – You Don’t Play the Joker


“Joker’s Wild,” is an excellent episode. The basic premise is what would happen if someone tried using the Joker. In this case the billionaire Kaiser tries to in order to get his casino destroyed (names it Joker’s Wild and makes it Joker themed) in order to get the insurance money. Knowing the Joker, you can bet how that turned out.

Here is the assessment of the episode:

Pros: The Joker – The Joker is fantastic, we see how the other inmates of Arkham are afraid of him, and how easily he can escape by manipulating the workers of the Asylum. We also see him able to listen to Batman when Batman tells him Kaiser’s plot which gives Batman time to escape.

Cameron Kaiser – Is a great baddie He is basically Maroni from “The Dark Knight,” he knows the Joker is a mad dog who will reek destruction and just like Maroni he forgot that the mad dog may turn on the one who set it loose.

Batman/Bruce Wayne – We get to see Bruce Wayne get some jabs in at the Joker and the Joker get some jabs in at Bruce Wayne (is this how your parents made all their money), it is fantastic. Batman is the only one who can get under the Joker’s skin and this episode shows that perfectly.

The Music – Is good in this one, it has the casino and carnival feel to it that fits the Joker theme.

Life in Arkham – It is great that most of this episode is from the Joker’s POV. Because of it we get to see the relationships between the inmates of Arkham and how they live. It is basically a prison with not as well armed guards. I would have liked to see more dynamic and character exploration between the inmates though…

This is a great Joker episode and one I would highly recommend. It really shows how you can’t use someone as insane as him for own ends and just how dangerous and threatening he can be when he finds things personal.

My final score this episode is 9.75 / 10. Definitely a favorite, though it isn’t a perfect episode.


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