Batman: The Animated Series – Season 1, Episode 42 – Tyger, Tyger – The Island of Dr. Dorian


“Tyger, Tyger,” is an episode that once again puts Catwoman at risk and needed to be saved by Batman. The basic premise is Dr. Dorian is splicing animal DNA together and spices her’s together with a cat, making her a literal Catwoman, from her it is Batman’s rescue and her fighting against the new nature thrust upon her.

Here is my assessment of the episode:

Pros: Batman – Batman is great once again in this episode, but his saving Selina Kyle AGAIN after doing so last time we saw her is more than a little annoying and brings down the episode. Anyone could have been a victim of the splicing…even Batman.

Selina Kyle/Catwoman – Seeing her wrestle with being turned into a literal Catwoman is good, but not great. Again the whole “Damsel in Distress,” thing drives down the story and the point about Catwoman wanting to be a cat never felt believable. She does well with what is given her in this episode though.

Cons: The Premise – Why was Catwoman chosen? It makes no sense. I get that they want to make her Batman’s love interest, but putting her in danger all the time isn’t going to change her feelings and it just brings down the writing. For a character shown to be Batman’s equal they sure like to make her a victim.

Dr. Dorian – Is a Dr. Moreau knockoff from the “Island of Dr. Moreau,” but where Moreau had motivation we have none of that with Dorian. He is useless just like his creatures who are the conflicted can man Tygrus and the Ape Man.

This episode is below average. Not only is it annoying that they make Catwoman the “Damsel in Distress,” they fail to execute an interesting idea of the exploration of nature vs. nurture…I don’t recommend this episode at all.

My final score for it is 2 / 10.


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