Batman: The Animated Series – Season 1, Episode 43 – Moon of the Wolf – Batman and the Werewolf


“Moon of the Wolf,” is the episode that has the return of Dr. Milo, the scientist who poisoned Catwoman in “Cat Scratch Fever,” in this one he infects Anthony Romulus (love that name) with lycanthropy so he can win the Olympics. From here he uses him as his attack dog in order to kill Batman and close loose ends. From here the story unfolds.

Here is the assessment of the episode:

Pros: Batman – Batman is the detective again in this episode finding out about Dr. Milo and his strength when he faces Romulus as a werewolf and manages not to kill him.

Anthony Romulus – He is great in this episode, from his wanting to cheat using steroids that infect him and regretting it later…to his turning on Dr. Milo when he changes into a werewolf. He is a great character and I like that they leave the door open for him at the end with him leaving Gotham to deal with his condition.

The music – This episode has a great rock rift that goes with the werewolf transformation that makes it enjoyable to here. It reminded me a lot of the “Batman Beyond,” theme.

Okay: Dr. Milo – Is okay like in “Cat Scratch Fever,” he just isn’t all that strong of a baddie. I’m surprised one of the major rogues wasn’t used in this episode…like the Joker.

This is an episode I would recommend. It is fun and slightly above average…elevated by a creative soundtrack, more than anything else.

7 / 10


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