Batman: The Animated Series – Season 1, Episode 44 – Day of the Samurai – Batman is Samurai


“Day of the Samuri,” was fantastic! The premise is the return of Kyodai Ken who kidnaps Kairi…Bruce Wayne’s sensei’s best pupil in order to black mail Yoru Sensei into giving up the location of the scroll with the technique known as “The Touch of Death.” From here the story unfolds.

Here is the assessment of the episode:

Pros: Alfred – Alfred is a great character in this episode, offering dry wit and enjoying his time in Japan once again. He even has some insight and unexpectedly ends up being the one who needs saving at the end.

Kyodai Ken – Kyodai Ken is a worthy rogue, I wish he’d been worked into the League of Shadows story or brought into “The Dark Knight Trilogy,” he is a great baddie and in this one we see him succeed in getting the scroll as well capturing Kairi and Alfred at different points…and forcing Batman to reveal his identity as Bruce Wayne as a point of honor. He even honors Batman after he is defeated…bowing to him before the volcano takes him. What a fantastic antagonist.

Batman/Bruce Wayne – Batman becomes the Master in this, more-so in “Night of the Ninja,” which was more him getting over his fear of facing Kyodai Ken since he’d been bested by him all the times in the past. In this one he has to best a technique, which he does by protecting that vulnerable part of himself. It is fantastic and at the end it is implied Yoru Sensei knows that they are one and the same and believes Batman is living by the code of the Samurai.

Yoru Sensei – It implies he knows who Bruce Wayne really is and he is there offering support and direction throughout the episode. I wish we’d seen more of this guy before and after this. He’s mysterious, but a great character.

Okay – Kairi is alright. She fights Kyodai Ken and beats him temporarily at one point, but she mostly functions as a damsel in distress…which is a shame since she is supposed to be Sensei’s current best student.

This episode was a favorite and I’m glad that Kyodai Ken’s arc was completed in a fantastic way. The only thing that brings it down is Kairi is not fully explored but everything else is spot on with completing Kyodai Ken’s arc with Batman/Bruce Wayne and Batman ascending to be the master. I highly recommend this episode.

9. 75 / 10


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