Batman: The Animated Series – Season 1, 59 – Blind as a Bat – To Fight with Limited Means



“Blind as a Bat,” deals with Batman facing off against Penguin with limited means…lack of sight. The story begins with Penguin hijacking The Raven an experimental Helicopter. He attacks Wayne Enterprise and Bruce Wayne is made blind from an explosion. From here the story unfolds.

Here is the assessment of the episode:

Pros: Penguin – Penguin is a great antagonist in this episode. His pride is his downfall in this case since he could have escaped when Batman retreats after Penguin destroys the Batwing. He does a lot of damage over his time with the craft though.

Leslie Thompkins – Is brought in and helps build some experimental tech the Raven has in order to help Batman take on the Penguin. She is a great help throughout the episode and of course knows that Batman and Bruce Wayne are one and the same.

Batman – Batman does a great job of fighting with limited means…he finally beats the Penguin by creating enough smoke that the Penguin coughs revealing his position. He is completely blind at this point due to the power of the device he was losing was lost when Penguin destroys the Batwing.

Okay: The Plot – The Plot has an interesting premise…but a lot more could have been done with it. Batman never reveals his vulnerability to anyone except Alfred and Leslie. This I think limits the character to an extent since we have seen him reach out to others going through similar things in the past. Because this doesn’t happen it makes him seem smaller.

“Blind as a Bat,” is an interesting episode that uses the art style to express limited sight really well. The biggest problem is we don’t see Batman take it as far as he could have or Penguin use his tech for anything more than money. In both cases the situation is not fully realized.

Due to these factors the final score is 7 / 10.

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