Batman: The Animated Series – Season 1, Episode 63 – Fire From Olympus – Godlike Delusions



“Fire From Olympus,” is the story of a delusion taken too far. In this case a man named Maxie Zeus gets in too deep with the mob, steals a device that allows him to control electricity and takes control of a building making himself Zeus. This in and of itself is a little ironic in that Greek Gods exist in this universe…mostly through Wonder Woman stories in the DCAU. So a person being Zeus isn’t unheard of…it just isn’t this guy.

Here is the assessment of the episode:

Pros: Maxie Zeus – Maxie Zeus is brilliantly delusional. Everywhere he goes is Olympus to him. From Arkham where Poison Ivy is Demeter, Joker is Hermes, etc. at the end…to the building he is atop on is Olympus and his assistant is a muse. He is tragic in his delusion too since he wasn’t originally this way.

Batman – Batman takes him out in a creative fashion and has been dubbed Hades by Zeus since he sees Batman’s dark as representing the underworld and him as his brother attempting to steal the throne. Batman is creative in how he defeats him using his Thunder Bolt weapon against the Lightning machine.

Clio – Maxie’s assistant who helps him until his delusions go too far and he begins hurting people. She manages to smuggle Batman in which leads to Batman saving her and the day when Maxie is targeting Gotham with his Lightning weapon.

The Music – Has that Old Classic Greek in Hollywood feel to it. It is great and epic and captures the delusions of Maxie really well.

This episodes biggest problem is Maxie never comes up again and that the technology is never used. It is a great episode but not a favorite. The payoff in regards to Maxie finding himself again never happens and it is tragic without any idea of what happens to those he hurt.

Final score is 8 / 10.

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