Batman: The Animated Series – Season 1, Episode 65 – The Worry Men – The Final Episode of Season 1


“The Worry Men,” is the return of the Mad Hatter and the end of Season 1. This will be the last Batman: The Animated Series episode I review for a while since I plan on doing a Top 10 of Season 1 and Season 2 was also called “Batman and Robin,” so I plan on doing that separate for that reason as well.

The premise is Veronica Vreeland returns with “Worry Men” that were given to her by a mysterious man to take away peoples’ worries. It also convinces them to empty their wallets and are being used to mind control people through a chip. The story is Batman figuring this out and facing The Mad Hatter.

Here is the assessment of the episode:

Pros: Batman – Is once again great in this episode. We see how as Bruce Wayne he doesn’t fit in well with high society and that he is in his zone when he Batman figuring out what the Mad Hatter is up too. He takes them out by breaking the mental link that the Mad Hatter has with his thugs in order to control them.

Mad Hatter – The Mad Hatter is great in this episode. He is once again using others to be left alone. In this one he is using others’ wealth when he hears about Veronica Vreeland’s trip and decides it is his best bet to get the money he needs to buy an island and escape.

The Henchmen – He manages to convince a native to join his scheme as well as the usual Gotham thugs. There is more going on than usual in that sense.

Okay: The music – It is alright but doesn’t feel especially Mad Hattery.

In the end the season ended at slightly above average. The Mad Matter’s high society prejudices are used against him when his thugs turn on him and native does too. In a way I’d wished they’d ended it with the Ra’s al Ghul “The Demon’s Quest,” since that one feels epic and large and it also ties in Robin while this episode is only Batman.

Final score is 7 / 10.

Next up, the Top 10 of Batman: The Animated Series – Season 1.


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