Mobile Suit Gundam – Season 1, Episode 6 – “Garma Strikes” – The Manipulations of Char

Garma Strikes

“Garma Strikes,” is the 6th episode of Season 1 and was written by Masaru Yamamoto and directed by Hideyoshi Ojika.

The story involves the outcome of Char’s plan to push White Base 7 into Zeon space where Garma is waiting to attack. Garma attacks and the story goes forward from there as tensions are high on White Base 7 and everyone is exhausted. We also learn that Char had another reason for inviting Garma to get the glory of the attack on White Base 7.

Here is the assessment of the episode:

The Pros: Amuro – This episode shows the cost that constant fighting is having on Amuro’s psyche, since at one point when it looks like they are outgunned and going to lose, he goes berserk, killing all the Zeon occupational forces he comes in contact with in his Gundam. The episode ends with him curled up in his bed and you realize that he now a victim of the trauma of a war he never wanted to be a part of.

Garma – Garma is arrogant, but it’s well deserved. He is winning through most of the battle and only loses because he doesn’t predict the Special Gundam that Amuro is flying. He points this out to Char and asks for his help, not realizing that he is now a pawn in Char’s game as all Garma wants to do is impress his sister who is a superior officer above him.

Char – We learn in this one he wanted Garma to lose so that he wouldn’t lose face with Zeon and would still be trusted as the main force against the Federation. You see how deftly he uses Garma to when Garma asks for his help at the end and you find that Char had everything go exactly to plan. He got to hurt the Federation, have his friend and rival Garma lose face, and be the leader once again when Garma admitted defeat.

Okay: White Base 7 – We see  cooperation again, but no one really stands out. It’s a bit to predictable, there is resistance between what should be done but in the end everyone listens to Mr. Bright and the forces engage the Zeon occupational force when they realize there isn’t a way out of the trap. Dialogue and actions were predictable. So not bad, just not good either.

This was a good episode, mostly because of Amuro and the Zeon side of things. If you want to see Garma and explore his character and Char, this is a great episode for it.

Final Score: 8.5 / 10. It is really good.

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