Mobile Suit Gundam – Season 1, Episode 8 – “Winds of War” – Attack Behind Enemy Lines and the Human Side of War

Winds of War

This was a great episode and one of my favorites for sure. We once again get to see growth and character relationships explored, as well as the complexity of the people on both sides of the war.

“Winds of War” is the 8th episode of Season 1 and was directed by Shinya Sadamitsu and written by Kenichi Matsuzaki.

The story involves the tactics and outcome of a temporary ceasefire where civilians are dropped off who want to return to their ancestral homes, White Base 7 puts Amuro and his Gundam behind the lines for the inevitable attack from Garma. From here the story unfolds.

Here is the assessment of the episode:

The Pros: Kai – Kai gets an awesome Gundam in this, a Guncannon which is a gundam with two cannons on it’s shoulders. He panics at first but comes through when Amuro fights for him. This is one of his moments of awesome for sure.

Amuro – Goes behind enemy lines and ends up attacking a plane when it discovers him behind the lines. Luckily he doesn’t kill the pilot as the pilot and one of the civilian woman connect as he’d dropped supplies for her. Amuro is fantastic in this one and shows the Gundam at it’s strongest.

Mirai – Does some great piloting that causes the Zeon pilots to accidentally hit their own tanks. This is the time we’ve seen her really shine in her role and she also stands up to the Lieutenant commanding White Base 7.

White Base 7 – We see everyone working together and Sayla motivating Kai to fight on and take risks for them. She also keeps communication up between Amuro in the base which helps them reach eventual victory over Garma’s forces.

Garma – We see his arrogance and learn that it his wealth that played a part in it, at least according to Char. He asks for Char to join him in the next battle and wants to reek vengeance on White Base 7 for his astounding defeat.

Char – We see him help even if he’s okay with Garma failing as he does look down on Garma for his wealth and privileged. Their relationship is complex and interesting as they seem to be almost frenemies.

Gundams! – So many Gundams this episode, Amuro’s Gundam, Guncannon and Guntank. The Zeon’s got to make some to counter since at this point the Red Comet is the only Gundam that is standing any chance against the Federation’s Gundams.

The Human Cost – The Zeon pilot and civilian woman and son connecting is one of the small beautiful moments that really made this episode strong. Especially when she reaches her ancestral home with them and the sadness she feels. She makes a good point to about no matter who wins there will be lives lost and families torn apart from the conflict.

For me this was a perfect “Mobile Suit Gundam” episode and one I can’t recommend enough. It shows the humanity on both sides as well as providing good character development and action. Matsuzaki did a great job writing this episode.

Final Score: 10 / 10. Perfect “Mobile Suit Gundam” episode.

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