Mobile Suit Gundam – Season 1, Episode 10 – “Garma’s Fate” – The Path of Revenge

Garma's Fate

We continue the review of “Mobile Suit Gundam” with a fascinating episode that gives us a look at the people and motivations on the side of Zeon, with a special focus on Garma and Char.

“Garma’s Fate” was written by Masaru Yamamoto and directed by Ryoji Fujihara.

The episode begins with Garma and Char at a party where it is revealed Garma has a lover named Icelina whose father dislikes Garma and does not want them to marry as he believes Garma is unworthy of his daugther. This prompts Garma to action to capture and destroy White Base 7 and the Gundam so that he can claim the honor he needs so that he may marry Icelina. The story unfolds from there as White Base 7 is hiding in the remains of New Yark.

Here is the assessment of the episode:

The Pros: The Nobility of Zeon – The episode starts with Char and Garma at a high society party in Zeon and it is a great glimpse into the world of Zeon, where powerful families rule and prejudice comes from it.

Icelina – Icelina is a great character, she stands up to her father and takes his abuse (seriously, her dad is messed up) and the love between her and Garma feels real. They are both nobility but they are the only ones who are fully honest with each other which makes what happens later sad.

Amuro – Amuro’s strategy to defeat Garma is successful, he leads him away so that Garma’s ship the Gaw can get attacked and trapped by White Base 7 and the Gundams. It is successful, partially because Char sees the plan and allows it to happen.

Char – Char is friends with Garma but his hatred for Garma’s family of Zabi for the killing of his Father is greater. His moment of revenge is sad and rewarding as Char is a great character to route for. He’s smart and he does everything himself and is good at reading situations and finding a way to win. His reason for revenge makes sense too as is his affection for Garma who went to the academy with him. He reveals his agenda to Garma right before Garma dies, making his revenge very sweet.

Garma – This episode is Garma’s tragedy. He loses the woman he loves due his dying, he loses his ship due to Amuro’s trap and his friend Char’s desire for revenge. He has hope and it is torn away, creating a powerful story.

The Ending – Garma’s father Odo Zabi drops his cane and stairs off in lost silence. The leader of Zeon has now been brought to his knees, which should raise the stakes for White Base 7, and now we know the leader of Zeon is in Char’s sights for revenge.

Con: Icelina’s Father Eschonbach- Seriously, screw this guy. I get he hates Zeon since he had to submit to their rule when they conquered him, but he doesn’t even give Garma a chance. He’s just a prick who hits his own daughter.

This episode is amazing and well worth a watch. We get to know the complexity on the Zeon side of things and get Char’s motivation. I can’t wait to see how Char get’s revenge on the man responsible, Odo Zabi, the leader of Zeon. Check this episode out for sure, it is a must see.

Final Score: 10 / 10

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