Mobile Suit Gundam – Season 1, Episode 15 – “Sayla’s Agony” – To Capture a Zeon Soldier

Sayla's Agony


We continue the “Mobile Suit Gundam” reviews with episode 15 (in the English dubbed version) “Sayla’s Agony,” there was another episode 15 that Tomino the creator didn’t like so he cut it out of the English dub. I’m planning to go back and review the episode at some point. The name of it is “Cucuruz Doan’s Island.” So that will be a special review later.

“Sayla’s Agony” is a Sayla centered episode but also shows us more of Zeon politics and how the siblings of the Zabi family are trying to outdo each other. I’ll get into the details in the assessment.  The episode was directed by Yoshiyuki Tomino and written by Masaru Yamamoto.

The story involves the return of Ramba Ral as he attacks White Base 7 when he’s ordered by one of Kycilia’s underlings M’Quve who is hoping to get him killed off in the process. Sayla also takes things into her own hands and hijacks the Gundam as she wants to find out from one of the Zeon soldiers if Char is still alive by capturing one of them. From here the story unfolds.

The Pros: Ramba Ral – I really like this guy, he would have won this battle if not for the arrival of Guntank and Guncannon and his soldiers trying to capture the Gundam. He does all he can to protect them too but can’t save one of his soldiers from their own stupidity. Regardless, we see once again that he is a great commander.

Amuro – Amuro is shown to be a talented pilot as he uses the Guncannon to rescue Sayla when she’s realized that reality is different from the simulations. He protects her and helps capture Cozun, one of the Zeon soldiers under Ramba.

Mr. Bright – Sends Sayla to the brig and actually acts like a leader. He also finds salt for the cook since they are running low on supplies.

Okay: Sayla – We don’t get her motivations until after Cozun is captured and he tells her that Char has been sent home for not protecting Garma. We see how much she cares for her brother, but her recklessness in this instance isn’t a pro as she probably could have found at least one ally and thought things through more.

M’Quve – He’s arrogant and wants Ramba Ral out of the way as he’s doing a secret experiment in regards to mines. He collects things but there wasn’t enough in this episode to respect him for his brains or as an antagonist, so he was okay.

Con: Episode layout – We don’t know Sayla’s motivation till the end, the battle is kind of chaotic so when Ramba is commanding his soldiers it is hard to tell where they are…so it is a bit of a mess.

This episode was alright. I would recommend it largely just to see Ramba Ral being amazing again. It is one of the more chaotic episodes structurally.

Final Score: 7.5 / 10.

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