Mobile Suit Gundam – Season 1, Episode 16 – “Amuro Deserts” – The Consequences of Amuro’s Recklessness

Amuro Deserts

“Amuro Deserts” picks up where “Sayla’s Agony” left off, with Sayla and Cozun in the brig and Amuro taking greater and greater risks. The episode was written by Kenichi Matsuzaki and directed by Ryoji Fujihara and Yoshiyuki Tomino.

The story involves Amuro circumventing Mr. Bright and trying to avoid going into the Gundam when they attack the Zeon base as he and Hayato attack in Guntank. Around this time Cozun is making his escape so Sayla is released to capture him. Ramba Ral also takes this time to attack when he gets the distress signal from the Zeon base.

Here is the assessment of the episode:

The Pros: Ramba Ral and Co. – Ramba Ral and co. depart in a Fat Uncle (giant airplane) after getting resupplied and plan to trap and destroy the Trojan Horse. Their attack would have succeeded if the base they were helping had had more ground troops, since the battle ends when Amuro finally gets into his Gundam to face Ramba in his Gouf (Blue Gundam). We see how much Crowley cares about him too and how much he cares for his men as he tells her to save Cozun if she gets the chance.

Sayla – Sayla proves her loyalty by helping isolate Cozun which later leads to him getting killed when they try to recapture him. She also communicates with Amuro during the battle to help in their fight against the base and Ramba.

Amuro – Amuro has grown super reckless as we see him go around Mr. Bright and command Hayato in the Guntank, which leads to the Trojan Horse almost getting destroyed as Gundam was not in the field when Ramba attacked. He later hears Mr. Bright and Mirai talking about dismissing him for a while so he can get more training and grow which leads to him taking Gundam and running to end the episode.

Mirai and Mr. Bright – These two are the parents of the crew and we see how Mr. Bright and Mirai both see the big picture in their own ways. From Amuro needing rest and someone taking over to a while, to knowing that they still need him and he is an asset. You understand why they are leaders in this episode.

Okay: The Base – We don’t really get to know anyone on the Zeon base, which is a shame as it is completely destroyed. We don’t get any of the humanity.

Cozun – Resists being questioned and makes a run for it, and even asks if Sayla wants to join too. He isn’t a bad character, but we don’t fully get his motivations, which is why he’s in the okay section.

This was a good episode that I recommend. We see more of the character dynamics and how much Amuro has grown to overestimate his abilities. It is a good episode that shows where Sayla’s loyalties are and just how outgunned in many way White Base 7 still is, even with all the super weapons. Also, it’s always great to see Ramba Ral in action, love him and his crew.

Final Score: 9 / 10

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