Mobile Suit Gundam – Season 1, Episode 18 – “Ramba Ral’s Attack” – Amuro’s Arrogance

Ramba Ral's Attack


“Ramba Ral’s Attack” is a great episode revealing more of Rama Ral and Crowley as characters and also Amuro and Fraw too. The episode was directed by Susumu Gyoda and Yoshiyuki Tomino and written by Hiroyuki Hoshiyama.

The story picks up where the last episode left off with Fraw leaving White Base 7 to find Amuro again and Ramba and his forces planning their next move to destroy the Trojan Horse. From here the story unfolds as Amuro is undercover in Ramba’s camp but is allowed to go free given that Ramba doesn’t know if he ‘s Federation or not and if he and Fraw were it wouldn’t matter since the town is neutral territory that he honors. He does have Fraw followed to the Trojan Horse though, and the story unfolds from there.

Here is the assessment of the episode:

The Pros: Ramba Ral – Ramba Ral is an interesting and classy guy, he is fine with his love Crowley hitting on Amuro and them paying for Amuro’s meal and he shows respect to Amuro and Fraw. The only time he mocks Amuro is when Amuro is out of his league during their battle and Ral shows as much by escaping his Gundam easily to plan his next move, while rubbing Amuro’s inexperience in his face.

Crowley Hamon – We see in this episode just how open her and Ramba’s relationship is, as she shows an interesting an Amuro and Ramba is cool with it. It adds more layers to their relationship as you see what they have is completely unique and totally them. Crowley is also shown to be kind like Ramba.

Fraw Bow – She is beginning to see the bigger picture, which is good. She tries convincing Amuro and she does convince him in a way as he stays to fight with White Base 7 against Ramba Ral’s attack. She finally gets Amuro’s arrogance and how it has put them all in unnecessary risk on multiple occasions and ignores him when he is crying out for help in the brig of the Trojan Horse.

Mr. Bright – Has had enough of Amuro’s crap and puts him in the brig. We see him using the Guntank and Guncannon in cordination against Ramba Ral really well too, as Ramba Ral is always being just held back until Amuro returns with his Gundam.

Okay: Amuro – The kid is acting like a kid and still doesn’t get why no one respects him. He’s reminding me a lot of Shinji in “Evangalion” at this point, where he is talented but he expects others to conform to his will, he’s not aware that he’s a part of a crew until Ryu comes to look for him and even than he doesn’t get why they’d be disappointed in him. He has a lot of growing to do, so putting him in the okay area. I honestly expected him to get it by now, at least a little. If he did he’d be in the pro section.

This episode was great and showed us more of the awesome Ramba Ral and Crowley Hamon…I love seeing these two in action as they show their experience in their positions really well and are highly honorable characters. Amuro needs a lot of work and he’s the part that brings this episode down the most and keeps it from being a favorite.

Final Score: 9 / 10. Still solidly great.

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