Mobile Suit Gundam – Season 1, Episode 20 – “Sorrow and Hatred” – The Character of Ryu

Sorrow and Hatred

“Mobile Suit Gundam” doesn’t pull any punches (both literally and figuratively). This episode follows right after the powerful loss of Ramba Ral and ups it and the stakes as we move forward.

“The Sorrow and the Hatred” was written by Yoshihisa Araki and directed by Sussumu Gyoda and Yoshiyuki Tomino, the directors who did the last episode. Putting them in charge was the right move since this episode deals directly with the consequences from the last one.

The episode begins with an injured Ryu being treated for his injury during the last battle, but moving about trying to put things in motion for people to heal. He wants the crew to work together, since they are all they have. While this is going on Crowly Hamon is planning a suicide mission with her last men to avenge Garma and her lover Ramba Ral. From here the story unfolds.

Here is the assessment of the episode:

The Pros: The Consequences from Ramba’s Assault – The crew is low on ammo, repairing the 2nd bridge, injured and tired and suffering from the loss of those killed in the last battle. From the beginning of the episode stakes are high.

Mr. Bright – We see the dilemma he faces with Amuro as Amuro continually circumvents his orders and doesn’t know if Amuro gets that he’s part of a crew yet. We again see him use everyone when they’re put into action and him fully feel the loss of an important crewmember.

Amuro – Continues with learning from last episode and listens to Mr. Bright unless the orders put the crew at risk. He talks to Hamon briefly too as they both have a respect for each other at the end as he admired her and she respects him as a person and soldier.


HamonCrowley Hamon – Another interesting and wonderful Zeon character is killed. This time by Ryu though. We see how loyal she is to the cause in this and her love for Zeon and Ramba when she does the suicide mission to take out the Trojan Horse. She nearly succeeds too and would have if Ryu hadn’t gone suicidal on her with the Core Jet, given that she was defeating Amuro in his Gundam.

Ryu – This show, like  re-imagined “Battlestar Galactica” has a high body count, which I think lends to the stakes and why ending the war is so important. Ryu, Hamon and Ramba are just a few of the people who’ve died so far and for Ryu the crew weeps. He is the character who in the end shows who sensitive he can be and builds everyone up around him before risking his life to save the Trojan Horse and Amuro. His death means something.

Con: How the Crew experiences Ryu’s Death – Every character is crying, this is one thing I would have changed as different people experience loss differently and it isn’t always as open, sometimes it’s quite or simply internal. I wish that had been shown rather than the crews reaction being universal, regardless of character.

This was a powerful episode that sums up what Amuro hopes to do, he wants to end the war so no more people can die. It’s a powerful statement and at this time a far dream as the Zabi family is showing no sign of letting up the fight. I highly recommend this episode though, it is solidly great. R.I.P. Hamon and Ryu.

Final Score: 9 / 10



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