Mobile Suit Gundam – Season 1, Episode 24 – “The Battle of Odessa” – Any Cost to Win

The Battle of Odessa

“Battle of Odessa” is the episode that completes the M’Quve’s Mine Base arc as well as the first time that things will truly start to change after in not being desperate in regards to the crew of the Trojan Horse. It’s an episode with some of the best action that shows just how far some members of Zeon are willing to go to defeat the Federation.

The episode was directed by Shinya Sadamitsu and written by Yoshihisa Araki.

The story picks up where the last one left off with the Trojan Horse assaulting M’Quve’s main base from behind as the surviving Black Tri-Star members do a revenge attack against the Trojan Horse. Everything comes to a head as the Battle of Odessa rages around and Amuro discovers a Zeon mole in the Federation army.

Here is the assessment of the episode:

The Pros: The Black Tri-Stars – Out to avenge their comrade, these guys nearly beat Amuro and cause some pain for the Trojan Horse, they also fight with honor unlike M’Quve. Going to miss these two and wish they’d gotten backstory.

The Federation – We have a captain who is a mole, Revil finally aiding the Trojan Horse and the Federation fighting with honor. Got to say this showed the complexity of the faction we’re supposed to sympathize with which I really loved.

Sayla – Is once again good support and takes time to learn how to fly the new jet before her and Amuro discover the mole leaving M’Quve’s base and realize the reason Zeon has always known where they are. She does a lot of good during the fights.

Amuro – Discovers and chastises the mole before he is court martialed for revealing his plans to Amuro, manages to take out the Black Tri-Stars and has his most successful battle thus far that leads to General Revil personally congratulating him after the battle. He also stops a nuke.

The Trojan Horse – The crew all work together to win the day and not a crew member is wasted in the fight.

Con: M’Quve – Really don’t like this guy after the episode. He was willing to nuke Earth to defeat the Federation when the Treaty had made using nukes illegal. I’m surprised he wasn’t smart enough to realize how that would alienate the survivors to continuously resist Zeon rule afterword. Lost all respect for him for actually going through with the attempted Nuking of Federation forces. He escapes too and we learn that his mines have given Zeon enough resources to fight for 10 more years.

The Mole – We don’t get the Captain’s motivations for betraying and he isn’t smart in how he reveals his plans to Amuro.

This was a great episode that I hope more comes of it afterword, such as how the populace views Zeon after the attempt to use nukes. This episode is Amuro and the crew of the Trojan Horse at their best and a great action episode. So definitely gets a recommend.

Final Score: 9 / 10.


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