Mobile Suit Gundam – Season 1, Episode 25 – “Char Returns” – It’s Personal

Char Returns

We continue the review of “Mobile Suit Gundam” with the episode “Char Returns,” which establishes Char’s motivations more and also just how trapped the crew of White Base 7 is.

The episode was directed by Ryoji Fujihara and Yoshiyuki Tomino and written by Kenichi Matsuzaki.

The story begins with White Base 7 arriving in Belfast to get restocked and rest for a while but not before a spy sends off a missive to the Mad Angler Squadron who are being lead by Char who sends two Goggs (amphibious Gundams) to investigate. Around this time General Revil is letting the crew know that they have no choice but to stay since they have state secrets and if they choose to leave they’ll be held in prison for a year. Soon Char’s Gundams attack and the story unfolds from there.

Here is the assessment of the episode:

The Pros: Char – For Char this is personal, we see him reek havoc on Belfast with the Goggs and going forward himself to investigate during the assault to discover the Trojan Horse. At the end of the episode he isn’t surprised the Goggs are defeated and says he wants to be the one to personally defeat Amuro and his Gundam as his pride has been personally harmed. It is a pretty powerful speech and we see why everyone respects him.

Sayla – Sayla does more multi-tasking and is taking up the role of Ryu. We see her protecting Amuro and helping when they attack in the G-Bull Tank which leads to defeating one of the Goggs and than backing up Amuro in the fight against the second one in the G-Fighter. She’s becoming quite an accomplished soldier.

Fraw – Is looking at leaving since she wants to care for the children since they have no parents and nowhere to go. Her heart is in the right place though at this point she is the communications officer since Sayla is now the pilot.

The Goggs – I love the design of the amphibious Gundams. Zeon’s Gundams tend to have great designs overall, but these ones are especially memorable as they are most dangerous underwater and sometimes move on four legs like an animal. They have the best armor too that can withstand vulcan gunfire.

General Revil – You understand the dilemma he faces in this even though his forcing the crew to stay in the military isn’t just. He stays in the battle though and he does have a lot of respect for the crew of White Base 7.

This was a great episode and one I’d recommend. It was wonderful to see Char in action again and to see how much Amuro and Sayla have matured as soldiers. It was also good to see more of the Federation and how they aren’t completely good (forcing the crew to stay in the military basically).

Final Score: 9 / 10. Solidly great.

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