Mobile Suit Gundam – Season 1, Episode 29 – “A Wish For War Orphans” – The Choice of Orphans

A Wish for War Orphans

We continue our time at Jubaro with “A Wish for War Orphans” an episode that explores the desires of the orphaned children on the Trojan Horse and Sayla and Char. It is a pretty good episode, though I wish we’d had more time with Sayla and Char.

The episode was directed by Ryoji Fujihara and written by Masaru Yamamoto.

The episode begins with the children being taken in by the Jubaro care center and them deciding they want to go back to White Base 7 when they realize it is their home and an attack by Char and his Gundams to destroy the production of GMs. From here the story unfolds as the crew who are on break are called into action.

Here is the assessment of the episode:

The Pros: Mr. Bright – We see that Mr. Bright is embracing his role as leader of the Trojan Horse and has become more comfortable interacting on a human level with his subordinates like Kai and Amuro. He only appears briefly but it has some good characterization.

Sayla – We see that Sayla has conflicted loyalties as Char asks her join him and Zeon. She lies to Amarai about talking to Char and we see he had an effect on her. She remembered someone who was kind and not the soldier he’s become.

Char – Char is smart as in he knows when to run, which has saved his life countless times. He also reached out Sayla and may have found an ally on White Base since they are related. You get why things are personal with Amuro in this episode as Amuro pretty thoroughly thwarts his plans. Also great character moments with Sayla.

Amuro – He is embracing the hero role and drives the car full of bombs off the edge so the GM’s wont be destroyed and the kids who’d found the bombs. He also destroys Char’s support Gundams and cuts the arm of Char’s Gundam. This episode revealed his rage, which is something Zeon may use against him later.

Sayla’s Choice – Char is offering Sayla the chance to be with family again (and from there Char will tell her of his plans for revenge against the Zabi for killing their family). She is in an interesting situation, especially if the crew of White Base 7 learns she and Char are related.

Okay: The Orphans of White Base – I don’t think their names are all that important since they kind of exist as a blob and don’t have all that great of individual personalities. It’s more what they represent. When they are at the Jubaro care center another orphan reminds them of home and them home is White Base which leads to them running back, getting caught by Char’s infiltration unit, escaping and getting all the bombs out of the GM facility. If they were older I think their personalities would be more distinct.

Good episode in regards to Char, Sayla and Amuro…but the orphans have never been all that fleshed out as characters. They are mostly their for comedic relief. It was great seeing them have the attempt of character moments though this episode. Also they were made to represent the choices of Sayla and Char as Zeon and the Federation offer two ways of escape.

Final Score: 8 / 10

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