Mobile Suit Gundam – Season 1, Episode 35 – “Big Zam’s Last Stand” – The Strength of Dozle Zabi

Big Zam's Last Stand


“Big Zam’s Last Stand” is the completion of Dozle Zabi’s arc from the last episode, and they do a good job completing it! It says a lot when you have a named Federation character die, especially if they die on the Trojan Horse. Who I’m referring to I’ll show in the assessment, but the fact that Dozle pulls this off in his Big Zam makes him a very worthy foe who gets a great death.

The episode was directed by Osamu Sekita and Yoshiyuki Tomino and written by Kenichi Matsuzaki.

The story is the title. It is Dozle Zabi’s last stand in his Big Zam Gundam armor. During the battle he has his men retreat as he annihilates the Federation’s forces with his powerful Gundam and eventually starts targeting the Cruisers too. It isn’t until Kai, Sleggar and Amuro work together that they figure out how to face him. The story unfolds from there.

Here is the assessment of the episode:

The Pros: Amuro – We see Amuro’s fear when he faces down Big Zam and also when he faces Dozle Zobi who is firing his weapon at Amuro in his Gundam. To Amuro’s eyes he sees a dark specter which might be the violence that Dozle feels towards his enemies.

Mr. Bright – Does a great job being a supportive friend to Mirai and facing off against Dozle and making sure that all his the White Base 7 crew get back safe. You get why he’s the commander of the ship in this episode.

M’Quve – His arrogance leads to him almost not picking up Dozle’s wife and kid. It takes a soldier calling him out. Didn’t mind too much since he’s a manipulator and didn’t know if it was personal in order to complete wipe out Dozle’s line for the sake of ambition or Kycilia.

Dozle Zabi – Destroys most of the Federation Gundams and a lot of the fleet on his own, and is only taken out because 3 of the main crew face him and manage to get underneath the suit. Regardless he fights to the end and protects him men by fighting on his own allowing his men time to retreat. He was a good and honorable soldier and leader. It was great how he got to go.

Okay: Sleggar – He dies! I’m glad he does too as he finally gets to do something good and help Amuro defeat Big Zam. Never liked the character, but at least he got a noble death and got to show how dangerous Dozle is.

Okay/Con: Mirai – Mirai is attracted to Sleggar, why? He slapped her. I don’t understand and Sleggar doesn’t either. I guess the writers needed to give her characterization since they weren’t exploring her possible romantic interesting in Mr. Bright. Mr. Bright does give her a break though which is when her and Sleggar kiss and Sleggar gives her a ring. It all kind of came out of left field.

This was a favorite episode, since much like the Ramba Ral episode we got a full exploration of the character of Dozle Zabi and had sacrifice, showing that the Trojan Horse is not invulnerable and can take losses. It makes me excited for the rest of the series as there are still more Zabi’s to face. Sleggar won’t be missed, but at least got a good death…for me the true drama was with Dozle though and the lengths he went to fighting to the end to protect his family and men.

Final Score: 9.5 / 10

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