Sleepy Hollow – Season 2, Episode 4 – “Go Where I Send The…” – Changing the Present, Dealing with Trauma and War’s Gambit

Go Where I Send The... Sleepy Hollow

“Go Where I Send Thee…” is a great episode. It shows that War is always one step ahead still, but also shows Abbie dealing with her past trauma and helping another avoid the same thing again. We also see Ichabod integrating himself into modern society, which is pretty hilarious.

The episode was written by Damian Kindler and directed by Doug Aarniokoski.

The premise is a child is stolen and Ichabod and Abbie must find her. They run into Nick around the same time as the Pied Piper Demon used the girl to steal the coin back. They must work together to stop the demon. At the same time Detective Irving is learning that he was used and War offers him a choice…protection and care for his family, or to never get out of the asylum. His honesty is refreshing in a bad guy since Detective Irving is now faced with an actual dilemma that is being offered him. These are the main stories that unfold.

Here is the assessment of the episode:

The Pros: The Pied Piper – The Piper is a great character and enemy. For one it’s backstory is fascinating, it as an assassin hired by Lancaster when he decided to join the Revolution when the rebels were winning the war so needed the British troops stationed at his house killed. After the assassin did so he killed the assassin who had already sold his soul to Moloch so came back as a demon. The creature is tough to fight and leaves the Lancaster family in a no win situation…give up a daughter for her bones to be used to make the Piper’s pipe or all the children die. Suffice to say the current mother Lancaster ends up giving up her daughter and it’s only when Abbie arrives to relate to her with her experiences with Moloch and with Ichabod take down the Piper that the curse is finally ended.

Detective Irving – Irving discovers that he sold his soul to War in the contract and when he reads about War in the End of Times the Bible burns and he sees himself as a demon serving War on the battlefield. This leads to a conversation where War says he’s taking care of Irving’s family but will stop and keep him in the Asylum if he doesn’t cooperate. Irving realizes just how out of his league he truly and is faced with a choice to serve War if only for a while and find a way out or to resist and watch what little he has lost. War is right, Ichabod, Abby and Jenny cannot protect his family.

Horseman of War / Henry Parish – We see him use Irving and still be honest and remain in control, we see him use Nick Hawley who is only a privateer and gets him the bone flute made from a Lancaster Girl to use for later nefarious purposes…War is in control and gathering his forces for the coming final fight. John Noble is truly amazing and I love him in this role.

Ichabod Integrating – Ichabod learns how to drive a car at the beginning of the episode and we see him go from fearing and later embracing it, same as how turned off he is by how expensive a little cup of coffee is before enjoying the coffee immensely. He’s slowly getting integrated in which he knows is in case something happens to Abbie.

Abbie’s Healing – Abbie is the one to kill the Piper after he incapacitates Ichabod and it is a great scene. I hope someday she can do the same to Moloch. After how the Piper used the Lancaster children throughout the centuries it was great seeing someone who had been used to getting back and having the chance to be confident in herself and her further healing. I really like Abbie’s character.

Okay: Nick Hawley – Hawley is still a privateer and I think may stay that way. He gets the bone unknowingly for War and isn’t much help to the group beyond helping them find the Piper. I kind of hope this character dies.

The Cons: The Lancasters – Beyond the mother the Lancasters have no motivation beyond the original one in the past. This is a shame since they are tied so tightly to the Piper and his reason for being. I would have liked them explored more.

This was a really good episode and one I’d recommend. The moments with Abbie, Irving, Ichabod and War are amazing and the Pied Piper is truly a unique bad guy who has a great interpretation and character design. For these reasons check out the episode if you are watching the show. Currently, excited to see what War’s end game is and if he’ll be able to make Detective Irving his, if only for a time.

Final Score: 8.9 / 10

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