Mobile Suit Gundam Wing – Season 1, Episode 5 – “Relena’s Secret” – The Rebel’s Story


       “Relena’s Secret” is a great episode! It is the episode where we get to finally see where the Rebels are coming from and see just how unjust OZ and the UESA truly are. The motivation of what drives Heero and the pilots is also explored in how we see the perspective of the rebellion.

       The episode was directed by Yasunao Aoki, Shinichi Sakuma and Hitoshi Waraya and written by Katsuyuki Sumisawa.

       The episode begins with Dorian visiting the Colonial leaders at the same time Lady Une attacks with a bomb that kills them and nearly kills Dorian. This leads to the UESA blaming the attack on the rebels and using it as an excuse to further subjegate the colonies. It is then Relena learns of her true origin and what drives Heero when she meets the scientist who chose him…Dr. J. From here the story unfolds.

Here is the assessment of the episode:

The Pros: Lady Une – As Treize’s agent she is pretty awesome as she manages to kill the Colonial leaders and make certain that OZ tech will be used in the future as the UESA ups the conflict in order to further subjugate the colonies. It’s sad that she kills Dorian, but it at least advances the story and establishes her as a good antagonist.

Dorian – Dorian is one of the characters who already sees the bigger picture and that peace is needed between the Colonies and UESA and that the UESA should respect the independence of the Colonies. For this he dies but not before we learn that he took in Relena who is in fact a Peacecraft and the last of her house as far as Dorian knows. RIP…continuing the tradition of killing off interesting characters in any Gundamverse.

Heero and Duo – The two attack the same place and there is a standoff until Heero saves Duo’s life and says they are even. They have an interesting relationship and it does a good job of establishing Heero as not a completely bad guy.

Dr. J. – Is a scientist with an artificial hand who chose Heero to be their champion, naming him after the leader of the Colonies who fought for peace and was killed for it. He wants peace but sees war as the only way and believes Heero is the only way to go about that. He explains that the Colonies have lost hope and have been so oppressed the child soldiers have become the only ways to fight back and that Relena reminds him of Heero as both are genuine but now both are broken. He warns here to stay away from Heero for that reason.

OZ’s Gambit and the Military Industrial Complex – OZ making the conflict worse between the UESA and Colonies is sad and brilliant. Sad because innocents are only tools to advance their agenda and brilliant in that OZ tech. will be needed even more so now.

Okay: The Rebels – We meet a few of the rebels but the only one who feels fully fleshed out is Dr. J, the others don’t get any development, which is a shame. They are only in survival mode and function more an idea than characters. They aren’t bad at least.

   This was a great episode, it critiqued the Military Industrial Complex and had cost, as well as exploring some of the characters and showing more dimension to them and their drives. Heero needed this episode, but now I can better understand what drives the characters and rebels, thanks to Dr. J. Now we may see Relena finally grow as a character too.

Final Score: 9.5 / 10. Definitely a favorite episode.

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