Mobile Suit Gundam Wing – Season 1, Episode 6 – “Party Night” – Heero’s Heart



“Party Night” really shows how much the show is now taking off. Hope the show can sustain this. This episode shows that Relina is finally becoming a character in her own life (due to the events of last episode that makes sense) and we get to see the lives of some of the other pilots and get a glimpse into Heero’s soul. I really liked this episode, especially the reveal at the end.

The episode was directed by Nana Harada, Yoshihito Hishinuma and Masatsu Shino and written by Akemi Omode.

The episode begins with Relena confronting Heero about his past that she learned from Dr. J after she hears Heero is leaving the school. This leads to the first confrontation between them in the episode. Wufei attacks, we see Trowa’s life at the circus and Duo’s love of life as well as Lady Une’s attack to try and end Relena. These are the stories that unfold.

The Pros: Trowa – The pilots want to die, most of them do anyway. Trowa stays still when daggers are thrown at him for his job and Catherine sees that he desires death. This show is dark in so many great ways. Can’t wait to learn Trowa’s story.

Duo – Duo expresses his sympathy for how broken Heero is and his love of life and the world. He describes how beautiful the moon is from Earth and how desolate it is from the Colonies. It’s a powerful scene as we see that Duo has a reason to live beyond the war.

Lady Une – Is pretty driven and is probably going to be the main minor antagonist to the pilots as she’s willing to go to any lengths to succeed, regardless of if civilians are part of the cost. I’m curious what her relationship is like to Zechs given it was a favor Zechs asked for that lead to Treize calling off the hit.

Treize and Zechs – Zechs asks for Relena to be protected and Treize honors it because Zechs is a friend and a good soldier. The reasons  for this have yet to be fully discovered but given how Zechs is similar to Char they are probably related. The Princess Undercover (which both Sayla and to some degree Relena are, not surprised). Curious to see how it unfolds nonetheless.

Relena and Heero – Relena reveals what she learned from Dr. J and faces death without fear (like Heero) Heero can’t kill her and protects her from Lady Une. He doesn’t know why yet but it’s obvious that he isn’t completely broken and there is still good in him that Relena brings out. So glad to see Relena standing strong and Heero being more than sociopath. This is what makes this show good.

This episode hit all the right notes and I loved it. I can’t find any issues with it as the characters get exploration and we see how they relate to one another and how they reveal different parts of themselves in what they ask. This is drama.

Final Score: 10 / 10. No issues.

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