Mobile Suit Gundam Wing – Season 1, Episode 8 – “The Treize Assassination” – Defining the Factions


The UESA is still around and Colonel Sally now leads the faction! This was a great episode for showing that things are not as they appear to be and that factions we thought were gone are still around, as well as getting more motivation behind characters like Une, Treize, Wufei, Sally and Heero. I would have made the episode longer though.

“The Treize Assasination” was directed by Takeshi Yoshimoto, Shinichi Sakuma and Hitoshi Waraya and written by Katsuyuki Sumisawa.

The episode picks up where we left off with the Pilots learning from Wufei that they were used by Treize and OZ. This leads to Wufei and Trowa leave to get revenge, while Sally takes over the base and asks Heero’s help to disarm the missles that Lady Une set to blow to destroy the Gundams. Around this time Quatre and Duo are making their escape. We also see how the war against the UESA is going on the Noin and Zechs front as well.

The Pros: Heero – Heero’s mission from Sally to stop the missiles is one of the earliest things in the episode, and he succeeds even though he only had a ten percent chance of doing so. We see what motivates him as he realizes how he was used and failed in his mission of ending the war. It’s sad because you see how broken he’s become and how it takes Sally giving him a mission for him to act and even defend himself. This is no doubt going to play a part later.

Sally – Sally is one of the leaders of UESA forces and takes care of the OZ forces at Edward’s base. She convinces Heero to save them all and shows that the UESA and Colonies can work together. I’m rooting for her to lead the UESA as she sees the bigger picture and is an effective leader.

Lady Une – Decides to destroy the base by detonating the missiles, which fails after Heero succeeds in turning them off. She learns that Treize didn’t want her to do that and that he feared what the destruction would do to the Earth…forcing her to rethink her philosophy of destruction of enemies being the first and foremost agenda for OZ after Treize asks her to learn about OZ. She also defends Treize from Wufei in his Shenlong Gundam and does a really good job of it before Treize challenges Wufei to a duel.

Noin – Noin is worried about the cost of OZ’s revolution, though she believes in Zechs so is willing to take the risks that come.

Zechs – Zechs destroys the UESA General Daigo at UESA headquarters who ordered the invasion of Zechs home of the Sanc Kingdom because they chose to speak against the UESA agression. This lead to his family of the Peacecrafts being killed. Zechs fulfills his revenge in this scene and we learn his backstory.

Wufei – Wufei fights with honor and when Treize challenges him to a duel he leaves his Gundam to fight. He later loses the duel though and is broken in the process, as he sees Treize and OZ as being responsible for the loss he faced.

Treize – Treize is a curious figure. He wanted the Gundams destroyed, but not by any means…and he respected Wufei for fighting him in a duel outside his Gundam (reason he didn’t kill him). I get why he did the revolution to some degree, the UESA was corrupt, but he killed the leaders who had the best chance of reforming it. What his end game is still remains a mystery.

Okay: The Other Three Gundam Pilots – Trowa, Duo and Quatre talk about the ones who take the risk. Trowa sees how broken Wufei is and leaves him alone and Quatre believes in Heero while Duo is ambivalent but celebrates Heero when the missiles don’t go off. Comradery is slowly building between them all.

This was a great episode that gave us some really good glimpses into a lot of the characters. What we see is that there are heroes on all sides and that even our antagonists (Zechs and Treize) have motivations behind what they do, even if the motivations are unknown at this point. Every character living currently has some form of code of honor that they strive to uphold, which makes the story compelling as we now know the UESA is around making this a 3 faction war.

Final Score: 9.6 / 10.


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