Mobile Suit Gundam Wing – Season 1, Episode 14 – “The Order to Destroy 01” – Forms of Resistance


   The Order to Destroy 01″ was a great episode that showed how different groups are resisting OZ and their benefactors The Romafeller Foundation as they are now fully ascended and embracing the philosophy of the corrupt Alliance to control the Galaxy. It’s a good episode that gives us a glimpse into a lot of characters as well as introducing a few new ones as well.

    The episode was directed by Yasunao Aoki and Nobuyoshi Nishimura and written by Akemi Omode.

    The episode begins with the Romafeller Foundation throwing a conference to talk about their plans for world domination through force when Relina arrives with Noin and acts as a counter to Treize who is promoting the Romafeller philosophy. It is here we learn that they want Gundam 01 destroyed since they see Zechs as a threat and what the Gundam symbolizes as a threat too. Around this same time Heero and Trowa are making their escape with Heavyarms out of the city that is under Alliance control but under heavy assault by OZ.

The Pros: Relena – Relena isn’t afraid anymore and has become quite an awesome character! In her get up she speaks truth to facists and is only shut down for her protection, suffice to say though that this was a sign of things to come as she advocates for the colonies and for the heroism of the Gundam Pilots.

Treize – Treize is the mystery still but we see that he is only using Romafeller, especially sinec it’s implied he doesn’t want Zechs’s power to be reeled in, he’s rooting for Zechs to be successful. Which is strange he’s working for an organization that hates Zechs. I could see another rebellion in the works with the overthrowing of the Romafeller Agency if Treize’s track record is anything to go off of.

Noin – Noin is reason to Relena’s idealism and she is going to help her become fully rounded. I like her character too since she’s a soldier but doesn’t agree with the Romafeller ideals. She believes in Zechs and Treize.

Heero – Heero is the dark Heero who advises Trowa once more to follow his emotion, he does this too with Sylvia Noventa, whose father was a man fighting for peace who Heero accidentally killed in the shuttle. He gives her his gun and only lives because she lets him live and wants him to find another way to Atone. This example is helping Trowa to find himself too beyond revenge and wanting death for himself.

Trowa – Trowa defends the Alliance when he is undercover trying to escape the city without OZ seeing him and it is thanks to his help the Alliance survives the battle, though they don’t know it’s him. He is active and even now has become a symbol of something greater. I think that will play a part later as so much of Trowa’s arc is finding purpose beyond death.

Zechs – Zechs destroys a fake Gundam 01 for the Romafeller Foundation and we learn that he greatly respects the Gundam Pilots and doesn’t agree with the Romafeller foundation (which makes sense given they want to oppress everywhere which includes the Sanc Kingdom where he wants Relena to rule). He gets an update on Relena from Noin which shows that everything he is doing now is for her and their nation.

Okay: Romafeller Foundation – They are bunch of nobility from Europe who are fascists. Beyond Treize being a member of them they have no depth but are an interesting idea. Curious how their story is going to unfold, but they aren’t a pro at this point.

The Cons: Sylvia Noventa – She functions more as a plot device to let Heero live and to find a reason to live. I never believed she’d shoot Heero and she was way too kind. It just didn’t feel believable and her character felt really flat.

    This was a great episode that did a lot! Romafeller introduction, Noin and Relena, Trowa and Heero development and Zechs and Treize development. A lot happened that is foreshadowing things to come. The show has also started to use the language of God with Treize believing they can rule as Gods since God is gone and doesn’t exist while Relena advocates for compassion as God cares about them all. Curious if that will go anywhere.

Final Score: 9.5 / 10

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