Sleepy Hollow – Season 2, Episode 13 – “Pittura Infamante” – Interesting Idea, Boringly Executed



I guess every season has their duds, but if there are more episodes like this I think the premise of “Sleepy Hollow” with the past giving us the answers to the premise (particularly the early Revolution Era in the United States) but in most instances it turns the Founding Fathers into Mary Sues where they are untouchable and perfect and their flaws are ignored. They cease to be human and instead become plot devices.  Also, Katrina is also a very flat character and this episode made it very obvious. But I’ll go into more details in the assessment.

The episode was directed by John Leonetti and written by Melissa Blake.

The premise of the episode begins with Katina and Ichabod going on a date to the historical society where an old picture the Adams’s owns is getting unveiled. Supernatural events occur and the man who is cleaning the painting is murdered in the Sign of the Hangman. Around the same time Detective Irving is being questioned by Abbie who is trying to find out if he is good or bad since he’s alive and what it means in regards to War.

The Pros: Premise – A killer trapped in a painting and a painting being a portal between worlds is absolutely wonderful. It’s a shame the characters who drive the plot (Abigail Adams, Katrina, The Killer).

Detective Irving – Glad he’s back, wish it had been slower though. He’s still the same Irving though. He’s strong and has integrity, and at the end their is a twist of evidence being presented that he wasn’t guilty for the acts War did.

Abbie Mills – Abbie is skeptical of Detective Irving but wants to give him a chance. She also saves Ichabod and Katrina. She is firm and is good on being a bit distressful, especially given what happened last episode. There is also a bit of romantic tension with Ichabod which I found to be a nice touch in this instance. She also tells the truth to Irving’s wife in regards to the Supernatural and her suspicions.

Jenny Mills – Jenny is on top of things again. She gets the Hell Bullets to take out the Killer and tells Irving to persevere since she is there for him.

Ichabod – Ichabod has a few quips and is mostly the man from the past adapted to the present. He also has great moments with all characters who aren’t Katrina or the Killer.

The Cons: The Villain – Crazy painter attempting to summon himself back in the world.

Abigail Adams – She has all the answers and is annoying in the same way Benjamin Franklin is. There aren’t any flaws they are just plot devices.

Katrina – She is super flat, I don’t see any of her affection for Ichabod as being real at this point and she didn’t have chemistry with anyone, not even Abigail in the flashbacks. It was like watching a flat painting.

Episode Execution – The episode was structurally weird. The pacing was all over the place and the music came in at odd times.

I wouldn’t recommend this episode. It is the worst kind of Monster of the Week type episodes and doesn’t give anything to the plot beyond the Irving Arc. I still worry about the direction of the show…and wonder if the writers know where they are going.

Final Score: 4 / 10. Not even the good characters can save this episode.


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