Sleepy Hollow – Season 2, Episode 15 – “Spellcaster” – Welcome to the Dark Side

Sleepy Hollow Spellcaster

Henry Parish is back and awesome again! For this reason alone (and seeing Detective Irving in action finally) are what really made this episode great and a favorite. It starts out as an enemy of the week type episode, but becomes something more…much like the first half of the season was, or all of season 1.

“Spellcaster” was written by Albert Kim.

The premise begins with a Warlock named Solomon Kent (who lead the Salemites in killing Katrina’s grandmother for being a witch to hide his own work with dark magic) stealing the magical Grand Grimoire in order to return to the woman he loves. Team Sleepy Hollow works to stop him as now Detective Irving is working with them, but may have his own purposes. Henry Parish is also in hiding thinking about his future and where he goes next.

The Pros: The humor – There are some great moments of comedy in this! Whether it is Abbie teaching Ichabod how to teach Realtor when he’s house hunting or Henry Parish taking out a bunch of punks when he realizes he’s the bigger wolf to their dogs.

Solomon Kent – I actually didn’t mind this guy as a villain of the week. He plants the seed of dark magic in Katrina and shows her that it is the most powerful of the magics which furthers her corruption that was already prone too, and it takes three people each time to take him out. His use of blood magic is pretty cool too.

Katrina Crane – I’m actually putting her as a pro here! I think her going dark could be the best thing as she loves her child so much to the point of stupidity and if she realizes she could be his partner in conquest I think she’d take it as she probably feels shafted by Abbie’s and Ichabod’s deep friendship.

Ichabod and Abbie – We see them working together in this and taking out Solomon Kent through trickery as they know his magic is vulnerable to lightning so electrocute him and also pump him full of drugs that he is using for his magic. It’s brilliant and what I always liked about season 1. No Hawley or Katrina magic artifact outs…just brains.

Henry Parish – Henry is no longer the Horseman of War, though does own Detective Irving’s soul as we see Irving is serving him now and brings him the Grand Grimoire so that he can work on shaping the world to his will. I like Parish as the big bad as he was always so much more compelling than Moloch and he could corrupt his parents if it came down to it. He knows people in ways Moloch and the other Supernatural threats never have.

Detective Irving – Tricked Katrina to be seen as a good guy and is serving Parish in his goal of conquest. We see what he gets out of this too as Irving kills Kent and takes enjoyment from it. He clearly lost part of himself when he died and Parish having his soul is probably part of it.

I really liked this episode and it reminded me of why I still watch this show. Hopefully Abraham gets the same treatment and exploration that these guys have. I’m hoping we don’t see an evil league of evil (Orion and Hawley’s Aunt are still out there) but I wouldn’t mind see Henry crush those other threats or make them servants if he can. The guy is a major reason I watch this show and now he’s working with my other favorite character whose soul he owns. Here is to the possibility. I hope the writers don’t mess it up.

Final Score: 9.6 / 10.

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