The Avatar Universe – An Upcoming Exploration of “Avatar: The Last Airbender” “The Legend of Korra” and the Comics Inbetween

Avatars    I think it’s been long enough since “The Legend of Korra” ended that I feel comfortable exploring that Universe again and taking it as a whole. Growing up, I enjoyed watching “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” it was one of the first shows I saw that actually dealt with genocide (the Fire Nation’s destruction of the Air Nation), imperialism (the Fire Nation’s colonization of the world) and Eastern Philosophical ideas like Buddhism or Taoism (through Elemental Bending and the philosophy of Balance represented in the Avatar). This lead to it becoming one of my favorite shows and in my conversations with friends I would find myself discussing the character and ideas for hours.

   Eventually a sequel series was created, “The Legend of Korra.” I hated the first Book as I felt that Amon was wasted as an antagonist in him being made a hypocrite and I hated the love triangle between Bolin, Mako and Korra and Korra, Asami and Mako. It was trite and was the hardest part in Book 2, besides again the problem of the villain. Book 3 changed all that though and when I talk to most of my friends and recommend “Korra” I advise Book 3 over the other 4 and think it stands solidly on it’s own, not needing any prior introduction or later follow up. In my opinion at the time it was better than all of “Avatar: The Last Airbender.”

    After I finish up reviewing “The Legend of Korra” and “Avatar: The Last Airbender” I’ll give a rundown of how I would have done Korra, if I’d been required to do 4 books for that series, since I’ve been thinking about what I would have changed a lot (especially in regards to Amon, though I would change nothing about Zaheer overall, the guy is the best character in the Avatar Universe).

    There were a lot of people involved in this series, so as I do the individual episodes and start reviews the series I’m going to name them so they get the recognition they deserve. This is a rich universe, full of philosophy, martial arts, politics, nations and amazing characters that in my opinion will be timeless for years to come.

    So without further ado, I’ll be getting into the reviews soon, starting with “Avatar: the Last Airbender,” and ending with “Legend of Korra Finale.”


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