Avatar: The Last Airbender – Book 1 “Water,” Episode 6 – “Imprisoned” – Empowerment

ATLA Season 1 ep 6

    The theme of this episode was resistance, solidarity and empowerment and it was a lot of fun. This was an episode where we got to see more of the Earth Kingdom culture and the brilliance and cruelty of the Fire Nation.

    “Imprisoned” was directed by Dave Filoni and written by Matthew Hubbard and Aaron Ehasz.

    The story begins with Katara, Sokka and Aang stumbling upon Haru, an Earthbender kid who they soon learn has had all the Earthbenders in his village kidnapped by the Fire Nation who are milking the village for all of it’s value and using it’s coal mines to run their ships. The story unfolds as Katara speaks of resistance and fighting back and shares the loss of her Mother to the Fire Nation with Haru. After he is captured she purposely gets captured in order to inspire the Earthbenders to fight back.

The Pros: The Warden – George Takei is the voice of the Warden he plays an awesome character! His character is a cruel and cowardly, but also a really good Firebender. He also has a personality that is quick to anger and is great at instilling fear. When he is beaten it is quite rewarding.

Haru – Haru is a great minor character who wants to fight back until his parent’s fears keep him from doing so as he fears them getting killed. It isn’t until Team Avatar creates enough coal on the ship that he uses it to throw the first punch using the coal at the Warden which inspires them all to fight back.

Sokka – Sokka is the most fearful of them all too and wants to focus on the mission. He is quick to give up on people too as we see him ask Katara to give up but gives in when she puts her foot down about staying. He had a point too about leaving, but I’m glad Katara won the argument.

Aang – Aang is the one supporting Katara through this episode and is a great friend as his Airbending is essential to every plan they use…the first to show Katara Earthbending and the second to get the coal to the trapped Earthbenders. He also doesn’t show any jealousy even though it seems like Katara might be interested in Haru and he is interested in Katara.

Katara – Katara is the driving force of this episode and she is awesome! We see her give some pretty awesome speeches glorifying Earthbenders as defenders of the Earth Nation and that she’d heard stories about them growing up. She never gives up on them and in the end it pays off.

The Message – Don’t give up on people and when it comes to resistance, solidarity is important. It is when all of them stand together, Team Avatar and the prisoners that the Fire Nation Warriors are finally defeated.

Okay: The Fire Nation Ship – Looked cool and the Warden had personality, but that’s about it. Not bad, but not a pro.

The Earth Nation Village – It was a fearful subjugated place but it didn’t have personality the way some past Earth Nation cities did.

  This was a great episode and one that really explores the pain that has been done by the Fire Nation through Haru and Katara’s stories. We also see how fear can break people as well as how hope can inspire action and sometimes all it takes is one person having the courage to stand to inspire others to fight. Also, George Takei as a voice actor, one can’t go wrong with that.

Final Score: 9.5 / 10.


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