Puella Magi Madoka Magica – Season 1, Episode 3 – “I’m not Afraid of Anything Anymore” – The Cost of Being a Magical Girl

Madoka Magica episode 3

      This was a powerful episode and definitely a favorite. In this we see that everything has a price and consequences, especially magic and power. We also see further analysis of what a wish entails and get more exploration of all the main characters we’ve been introduced to. There is so much to like about this episode.

 “I’m not Afraid of Anything Anymore,” was directed by Tomohiro Kamitani,
Kazuya Shiotsuk and Yuki Yase and written by Gen Urobuchi.

   The story begins with Sayaka visiting a boy who was a violinist from her childhood who is sick now and bringing him music. She weeps as she is with him. Next we have Mami going on a hunt and killing a familiar and Sayaka and Madoka gives their reasons for the wishes they would make when things change when they find a Grief Seed which changes everything for all the characters.

The Pros: Price of Magic – In this we see that the cost of magic is literal. Magic Girls die because many witches overpower them. We see that first hand this episode as well as how each of them is alone in different ways and carry the weight of their wish and magic.

Sayaka – The moment with Sayaka and the musician was beautiful and we see she is the one who is the protector and empathizes the most with others. She mourns what happens to Mami the most and is willing to stay with the Grief Seed in order to keep an eye on the witch so they  can find it quickly.

Charlotte – Is a creepy witch and really well designed. It looks like a teddy bear at first but turns into a cartoony caterpillar that sadly kills Mami. It’s the most powerful witch we have seen so far and it takes Hamuro to take it down.

Hamuro – Hamuro gives the warning that the witch is too powerful to Mami but Mami traps her so that she can continue converting Sayaka and Madoka over to the cause and becoming Magical Girls. She warns them at the end too and points out that become a Magic Girl is what destroyed Mami in the end.

Madoka – Madoka is shown to have a complicated life at home as her mom comes home drunk from work and seems miserable and her and her dad take of her Mom. Madoka just wants to be somebody and sees becoming a Magic Girl a gift on it’s own.

Mami – R.I.P. Mami. She reveals who she is in this episode as we see her tell Madoka about the price of being a Magic Girl and that she feels alone and that she only wears a mask so people will think she is cool. It is a sad thing contrasted by the hope Madoka gives her by saying she is her friend and that she admires her. That hope is soon dashed when Charlotte kills Mami. This was “Game of Thrones” level cruel and made me like this show as it doesn’t shy away from death or consequences.

   There is nothing to dislike about this episode as it explores cost and is full of consequences that forces our characters to change or to learn more about themselves. This series does not shy away from this which makes me think I will probably enjoy the rest of the series if this level of quality holds up.

Final Score: 10 / 10.


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