Fringe Finale – Season 1, Episode 20 – “There’s More Than One of Everything” – Out of Time and Reality


    I should start out by saying I’ve never watched “Fringe” before, so this Finale was my introduction to the show. Which probably wasn’t the best way to go, but this is the episode that introduces Nimoy as William Bell, who is discussed a lot in this episode. I would describe “Fringe” as “X-Files” meets “Warehouse 13.” This means it’s probably a show I could like but due to “X-Files” jumping the shark for me during season 3 I suspect this show may have similar problems due to the premise being investigation of the paranormal, alternate dimensions and things that can easily cause magic reset buttons or the rules of the show. Suffice to say, this finale was not enough to get me to stay. If people request I take a look at this show, I will…but it’s not the top of my list.

    The episode was directed by Brad Anderson and written by J.J. Abrams and Alex Kurtzman.

    The premise of the episode involves Fringe’s Team trying to stop David Robert Jones who is attempting to open up a portal to another reality in order to get to William Bell who was one of the original scientists who postulated on the existence of alternate realities and who the Fringe Team sees as responsible for all the Fringe Events that have happened during the season. Elsewhere Doctor Walter Bishop is dealing with loss but is soon pulled into events as the only one who can stop them. While Nina the leader of Massive Dynamic is robbed by Jones as she is pulled into Fringe’s investigation and is keeping secrets of her own close.

The Pros: The Premise – Investigation of paranormal science and alternate dimensions is a really cool idea, and if the writing was better…I’d probably be sold on this show. Sadly it only has the idea and villains going for it so far it looks like.

David Robert Jones – The terrorist with the bandaged face because of past experiments is a pretty cool idea…and he is threatening in his disregard for life and fanatical desire to leave this reality. He pulls Nina into things and it takes a lot to bring him down based off him being the main big bad of this season, so props to that. Jared Harris who has played baddies in the past does a great job of bringing class to his role.

Nina – Nina works with Fringe only because she has too and does a good job of adapting ot the fact that the government is hanging over her head. She disappears at the end too so we never fully know if she is a good or bad person, which is part of what makes her compelling.

William Bell – Leonard Nimoy does a great job as the scientist who you don’t know if you can trust. He is fully honest at least. When Olivia asks where she is and who she is…he is honest about the time and world is different than where she was before and that he is William Bell. Nimoy’s charisma shines through in this role and I’m curious what happens and happened to his character. Sadly the protagonists are not compelling at all.

Okay: Fringe Division – I’m including Doctor Bishop in this too, who is played by John Noble (Denethor, Horseman of War) but is just the sad lonely scientist in this mourning the death of his son. The main characters of Olivia, Philip and others are just bland. I want to care about them but I didn’t see anything defining about them. They are just people doing things, I don’t know their motivation or see any of their personalities as distinct…they are just bland.

The Cons: The Structure – So we’re focused on Jones, but talking about Bell and Nina is doing things too. The episode structure is very confusing and since there are so many questions already it doesn’t lend itself to being enjoyable…since we aren’t getting answers on character motivation we are depending on character and actor charisma…which was very lacking in our main characters.

  It’s a shame that Leonard Nimoy Week is ending on this note, but he was the best part of this episode without a doubt. He was the character who remains a mystery and is compelling beyond that because of what Nimoy brings to the role. He isn’t Spock, he’s William Bell and this week we got to see some of just how wide his range as an actor is. I don’t have enough information in regards to recommending “Fringe” but this episode did not sell me in regards to the quality of the series.

Final Score: 7 / 10. Only reason I’m scoring it this high is because of the ideas and the complex potential villains one of which was Leonard Nimoy.


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