Avatar: The Last Airbender – Book 1 “Water,” Episode 14 – “The Fortuneteller” – A Matter of Attraction

ALTA  1 14

       “The Fortuneteller” is an episode that the entire first 2 seasons of “Legend of Korra” could have taken a lesson from. This episode is romance and relationships done right as we see so many characters dealing with their attraction to others, also “Bad Advice Sokka” makes an appearance too. It’s also a message episode, and one I appreciate.

        The episode was directed by Dave Filoni and written by John O’Bryan and Aaron Ehasz.

      The premise involves Team Avatar saving a man from a wild animal but him believing he was safe anyways because the town’s Fortuneteller Aunt Wu had predicted it. This leads Team Avatar on a detour to the town where the Fortuneteller’s student Meng is attracted Aang, while Aang deals with his attraction towards Katara (he makes her a necklace at the beginning of the episode). When the nearby volcano is about to explode, going against Aunt Wu’s predictions, it is up to Team Avatar to save the day.

The Pros: Meng – She is a character who is very flawed and young (she stalks Aang) but also is honest and has a good heart. She deals with Aang telling her the truth of him not being interested in her in that way and gives him the book they need to shape the clouds into the warnings of destruction so that the town will be forced to action before they are destroyed. She is stubborn and strong and an awesome minor character.

Aunt Wu – Aunt Wu isn’t perfect and most likely can’t tell the future, though she does have some awareness in reading people and situations and we do see a huge event occur in that she predicts the finale of the series (Aang’s finale battle) without knowing he is the Avatar. So she is perceptive in some ways. She also thanks them for saving the village and changing the clouds.

Katara – Katara is shown to be pretty naive in this episode. She wants Aunt Wu to tell her everything, but she isn’t naive enough as to not listen to reason…for example when Sokka and Aang tell her about the lava they’ve seen in the volcano and the knowledge it will blow, she acts and is part of the act that convinces Aunt Wu to follow their plan to protect the village. This is also the first episode we see where she notices Aang when Sokka comments he is a really powerful Bender.

Sokka – Sokka is the skeptic this episode and honestly the one who is the most right. It sucks that he is presented in a negative light until the volcano moment. It does do a good job of showing of how some people will believe anything regardless of the evidence. I really liked Sokka in this episode, it was an unexpected part of his character. Though he gives out some really bad relationship advice, “Be aloof, girls like someone who doesn’t care.” Wow, really Sokka? “Bad Advice Sokka” in a nutshell. The guy who has never been in a relationship, doling out relationship advice to Aang.

Aang – Aang is shown to be powerful in this and to be attracted to Katara. We see his power when he stops the lava with his breath when the trench plan that Sokka comes up with isn’t enough to stop the lava…and we see him speak honestly to Meng when she says she’s attracted to him. It’s a great moment and we see at the end that he is willing to go with the flow with Katara even though his feelings are unvoiced. This relationship dynamic is wonderful and felt much more believable than the Bolin, Mako, Katara love triangle.

Okay/Cons: Message Episode – For me in regards to storytelling the story should take importance over the message and this one the message felt like it was the most important thing. I agree with the message in regards to skepticism when dealing with the unknown but even though I agree with it, we’d seen nothing to show this as a character trait in Sokka prior.

   This is an episode that is worth seeing, even though it is kind of filler. We get to see that Aang is attracted to Katara, Katara’s desire for knowing in her search for the future and Sokka as the planner. These are all things I really liked in this episode, even if the message was sometimes like a hammer on the script.

Final Score: 8.5 / 10.

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