Puella Magi Madoka Magica – Season 1, Episode 5 – “There’s No Way I’d Regret This” – Motivations of a Magical Girl


    This episode fills unfinished, largely because of the ending…but that doesn’t stop it from being enjoyable. In this episode we get to know what motivates the actions of different Magical Girls, as well as more reasons why Kyubey is not to be trusted.

      The episode was directed by Takahiro Majima, Mino Honda, Mayuko Matsumoto and
Kazuhisa Kosuga and written by Gen Urobuchi.

      The episode begins showing Sayaka receiving her soul gem when she makes the wish for Kamijou’s hand to heal. We later see her celebrating his receiving of his violin. Elsewhere Madoka asks Homura to protect Sayaka, which Homura refuses. Later when Madoka and Sayaka are hunting a Familiar they are attacked by Kyoko and the story unfolds from there.

The Pros: The Contract – The contract is presented as dark…like the picture above it looks like Sayaka is dying and with our warning from Homura about becoming a Magical Girl meaning death it gets all the darker, especially in how Kyubey doesn’t get involved in the fight between Kyoko and Sayaka since he wants to pressure Madoka to make a contract too.

Homura – Homura stops the fight at the end, whether this is to protect Madoka from making a contract or because she’s learn to care about others remains to be seen but she is no Kyoko who believes that only the strongest should live. Her motivations aren’t known but her actions of getting involved show us there is more to her character, especially since she doesn’t get involved at first and refuses to get involved to Madoka.

Kyubey – The making of a contract is dark and the information he withholds from people is pretty dark too. Really curious what Kyubey’s motivations are but at this point he or it is on par with a Witch. Witches change people and Kyubey does too, both are selfish at their core and use people to their own ends. Haven’t seen anything to show that Kyubey is noble in any way.

Madoka – Madoka looks out for those around her, which makes her good in my opinion. We see this when she goes with Sayaka to be back up and when she pleads for Homura to get involved in protecting Sayaka. She has awareness of others and wants the Magical Girls to ally, which would be the right thing to do as it would probably lead to an end to Witches and most likely Kyubey as well.

Sayaka – Sayaka is great in this episode! Her motivations to give the person she loves the ability to do the thing he loves again shows how healing and deep her wish is and this gives her Wolverine-like regenerative abilities which help her in her battle against Kyoko. She also knows that she has a lot to learn and wants to be prepared for the more dangerous wishes. She is afraid and it makes her human and she is motivated by good and protecting others, which puts her at odds with Kyoko.

Kyoko vs. Sayaka – This is a really cool battle. It is a spear against a sword and of course the chain spear wins until Homura changes the battle to no one winning at the end. Before that though we see that Sayaka can get under Kyoko’s skin even if she isn’t as strong in fighting ability.

Okay/Pro: Kyoko – Kyoko believes in survival of the fittest and things Magical Girls are top of the food chain with Witches being next in line and finally humans. She is selfish and cruel but respects Sayaka enough not to kill her at first. Her motivations aren’t fully known either but she is a great fighter. She has the potential to be a pro once her motivations are better understood.

  This was an enjoyable episode, with the only con being the cliffhanger ending. Really curious what Homura is going to do next and if Madoka has reminded her about caring for other people. Madoka is the hope for the Magical Girls it feels like as she wants them to ally and defeat the Witches and sees the fights for how unnecessary they are.

Final Score: 8.6 / 10.


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