Star Wars Rebels – Season 1, Episode 2 – “Fighter Flight” – When Brothers Fight

Star Wars Rebels Episode 2

   This was a good episode. We get more of Ezra’s backstory and the writers deal with the fact that Ezra and Zeb have clashed with each other since “Spark of Rebellion.” We also see more Imperial Cruelty (though at this point I’d like to see conflicted loyalties with a character and the Empire do more than oppress). For a character episode, it is fantastic though.

    “Fighter Flight” was directed by Steven G. Lee and Steward Lee and written by Greg Weisman.

      The story begins with Chopper trolling Ezra and Zeb which leads to them getting into a giant fight throughout the ship. To force them to make peace with one another Hera sends them on a supply run and asks them to get a fruit that isn’t grown on the planet. From here things unfold dangerously as the Empire buys the only fruit on the planet and things unfold from there.

The Pros: Sabine – Sabine is an artist and doesn’t put up with any of Ezra’s flirting. She is a great character who is very much just doing her own thing. She does art with spray paint and specializes in cartoons.

Chopper – Chopper is a troll and needlessly cruel even though he does help around the ship. This is the first droid I can think of that is an actual jerk like Chopper is. Putting this as a pro because I haven’t seen any droid like this in the Star Warsverse.

Kanan and Hera – Kanan is the worrying Dad when they are out as he predicts trouble is going to happen, though Hera is right as Zeb and Ezra become friends after their adventure and stealing of the Tie Fighter. She is really good at gauging people which makes her one of my favorite characters on the show.

Zeb – Zeb has a quick temper but has a surprising amount of patience with Ezra. We learn in this one that it is due to how similar they are. They are both reckless but will risk everything for other people. They also love having new things as it is implied they keep the Tie Fighter they stole from the Empire.

Ezra – Ezra is an arrogant prick but is capable of growth. We see this in how he holds saving Zeb’s live over his head again and again, but that at the core he is good. Whether it is using the Tie Fighter Zeb steals to rescue the friends of his parents from the Imperials, or putting himself out there for Ghost. He’s reckless but has a good heart.

The Cons: The Empire – The Empire is pretty incompetent this episode and needlessly cruel. I hope this doesn’t become too common as a threat has to be felt as a threat for beating it to mean anything.

Final Score: 8.3 / 10.

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